Setting Up A Spin-Off Comic Before You Make It – A Ramble

2016 Artwork Spin Off Comics article sketch

As regular readers of this site probably know, I was busy making a short comic called “The Charity Case: A Harvey Delford Mystery” at the time of writing these articles. This comic is a spin-off from my long-running occasional “Damania” webcomic series (you can see some more “Damania” comics here) and it looks a bit like this:

"The Charity Case - Page 3" By C. A. Brown

“The Charity Case – Page 3” By C. A. Brown

So, why did I get the idea to make a spin-off comic? Well, there were a couple of reasons for this which might also be useful to you if you ever want to make a spin-off comic. Ok, I’ll mostly be talking about my comic here – but I’ll try to include some general advice too.

The first reason is to do with character design. In my original “Damania” comics, Harvey was originally intended to be a “serious” character that would contrast with the anarchic and rebellious nature of the other three main characters. There’s also the fact that he was inspired by a lot of fictional detectives too, which meant that I could incorporate elements of the detective genre into the series too.

In other words, he ended up becoming one of the most interesting characters in the series. As such, I wanted to spend more time with him and I was curious about what his everyday life would look like.

So, one way to set up a spin-off comic before you actually make it is to create main characters that are interesting enough to make you wonder what it would look like if they got their own comic.

The second reason why I ended up making this spin-off was because of one comic that I made during a recent mini series of traditional “Damania” comics:

"Damania Resurgence - A Rogueish Plot" By C. A. Brown

“Damania Resurgence – A Rogueish Plot” By C. A. Brown

The idea of a group of melodramatic villains with cool-sounding names (eg: “The Masked Rogue” etc..) was originally intended as a throwaway joke, but it intrigued me enough to make me want to explore the idea further. Although these extra characters only appeared briefly in my spin-off comic, they were one of the things that made me interested enough to make a spin-off comic.

So, if you want to set up a spin-off comic, then one way to do it is to introduce a few intriguing background details that hint at another story. If you make these interesting enough, then not only will your audience be curious- but you’ll probably also feel curious enough to want to make a spin off comic too.


Sorry for such a short and rambling article, but I hope it was interesting.


2 comments on “Setting Up A Spin-Off Comic Before You Make It – A Ramble

  1. apolla13 says:

    I really enjoyed the Charity Case comic. It was funny and interesting and, as always, Harvey was an enjoyable character.

    I’ve actually done some spinoffs when I get stuck on a character or story and I don’t know how to proceed. For one story, I had some trouble with a few characters and realized the problem was that I didn’t have a concrete grasp on their characterization so I wrote a few short stories about them before the main plotline took place. It was interesting and kind of fun and gave me a different aspect towards them.

    • pekoeblaze says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’m glad that you liked “The Charity Case” 🙂 Harvey’s next appearance here will be on Thursday evening, I think. His next appearance on DeviantART may not be for a couple of weeks or so [Edit: I think it’ll be about eight or nine days until he appears on DeviantART again, although I can’t be certain], though.

      Glad to hear that you were able to make the spin-offs, even if it involved writing several short stories first. But, yeah, knowing the characters well is a pretty essential part of making a good spin-off.

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