Comics News: E.U. Referendum Cartoons (Coming Soon) and Heavy Metal Parrot Picture

2016 Comics news 8th June

Well, I don’t usually make these spontaneous extra posts, but I just had to make one right now, for two reasons.

1) E.U. Referendum Comics (18th-21st June): If you’ve read the “comics index” page, then you’ll probably know about this (and lots of other upcoming comics too) already. But, if you haven’t, then – a few days ago- I changed my mind about whether I’d put anything on here about the EU Referendum.

As such, there will be a special series of four daily comics (featuring the characters from my occasional “Damania” webcomic series) about the referendum posted here from the 18th – 21st June at 12 noon(?)GMT/ 1pm BST.

Most of this series will probably be on the sillier side of things and I’ve tried to keep some semblance of political balance too. Still, if you’re curious to see how my characters will vote (and why), then stay tuned!

2) Heavy metal parrots: As regular readers of this site probably know, I tend to make my daily paintings ridiculously far in advance (I make one every day, but there’s a long delay before they’re posted). Earlier today, I finished a painting that won’t appear here for quite a few months.

But, an hour or two later, one detail from this painting caught my eye and I had to turn it into a small stand-alone preview illustration. And, yes, no prizes for guessing which heavy metal band happened to turn up on my playlist just before I had the idea for this small preview illustration:

"Rawk On!" By C. A. Brown (an altered detail from another painting of mine that won't appear here for ages).

“Rawk On!” By C. A. Brown (an altered detail from another painting of mine that won’t appear here for ages).


Anyway, stay tuned for a proper article (well, sort of, it’s a ramble about Sherlock Holmes) a little bit later this afternoon 🙂


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