Today’s Art (10th June 2016)

Well, this is the final episode of “Damania Returns” – I’ll probably return to making “ordinary” paintings for a while. This series was fun to make and, although the quality of these comics wasn’t always quite as good as I hoped, I kind of wanted to quit when I was ahead.

But, saying that, I have got an interesting idea for another B&W narrative “Damania” comic (like this one, but starring Derek and Rox instead of Harvey). I don’t know if it’ll eventually turn into anything though.

I’ll also post a retrospective of the whole series later tonight but, in the meantime, you can catch up on the previous two mini series here and here.

But, yeah, although old FPS games are apparently easier to mod, I’m terrible at FPS game modding (I think I messed around with Duke 3D’s “Build” when I was a kid but, when I tried to use a “Doom” editor in either 2014 or 2015, I just couldn’t make sense of it). Still, at least lots of other people know how to make mods for classic FPS games.

This comic also featured a last-minute dialogue change too. Originally, Rox would have mentioned that people are still playing “Doom” (the one from 1993) in the second panel. When I originally made this comic late last year, relatively little was known about the fourth “Doom” game. But, although it probably won’t run on my computer, I do know that it’s called “Doom” and it’s one of the few modding-friendly modern FPS games around. So, I changed the dialogue to avoid confusion.

As usual, this comic update is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Damania Returns - Retro FPS Games" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Damania Returns – Retro FPS Games” By C. A. Brown

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