A Random Ramble About Inspiration (With An Art Preview)

2016 Artwork inspiration ramble article sketch

Well, since I can’t think of a proper idea for an article for today, I thought that I’d talk very briefly about one of the easier (and probably ridiculously obvious) techniques for getting inspired if you’re an artist and/or a writer.

Anyway, the most recent time that I used this technique was to get inspired to make a painting that will probably be posted here in about a week’s time. Here’s a small preview:

"Catwalk Eight (Preview)" By C. A. Brown

“Catwalk Eight (Preview)” By C. A. Brown

If you’ve been reading this site recently, you can probably guess what this painting was inspired by. For some reason, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Brutalist architecture recently and I’d been reading about it online, looking at pictures of it online, reminiscing about the few examples of it that I’ve seen and just generally geeking out about it.

I seem to have had quite a few of these brief obsessions recently (eg: about vintage fountain pens, Kowloon Walled City etc..), as well as rediscovering some long-running obssessions too (like Sherlock Holmes). And, well, they’re a lot of fun.

There’s something thrilling about discovering something fascinating that you either didn’t know about, had almost forgotten about or only vaguely knew about. There’s a sense of wanting to know about something so well that (for want of a better description) you can literally re-create it in your imagination and make it your own.

There’s a sense that the thing you’re fascinated with is somehow important in a way that you can’t quite describe. The subject in question almost becomes like a familiar place that you can visit for a short time or a long time.

Needless to say, this is exactly the kind of mood you want to get into if you want to get inspired. Once you’re absolutely fascinated by a particular subject, you’ll probably start searching for ways to include it in your art or your writing. Chances are, if you’re fascinated enough by something, then you’ll find that you have too many ideas rather than too few.

The real trick, of course, is finding something that interests and inspires you this much.

Sorry for such a short, rambling and obvious article, but I hope it was useful 🙂


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