Editorial Cartoon: “BORIS Is The New FOREIGN SECRETARY?!?!”

Although I often try to avoid politics on this blog, I saw a shocking piece of news earlier that compelled me to make a political cartoon. Boris Johnson is our new Foreign Secretary!

If you’ve never heard of him before, then he is one of the most undiplomatic politicians in current British politics (second only to Nigel Farage!). He recently penned a hilariously rude limerick about the Turkish Prime Minister President a couple of months ago, he made some rather Trump-like comments about Obama’s “part-Kenyan ancestry” less than three months ago etc… the list goes on..

The only logical reason why Theresa May picked him for this job is both to appease the “Brexit” crowd and because she knows that she’ll probably get to sack him within weeks because he’s probably going to say something monumentally stupid at some point in the near future.




6 comments on “Editorial Cartoon: “BORIS Is The New FOREIGN SECRETARY?!?!”

  1. babbitman says:

    It’s actually a stunningly good plan from our new PM: give all of the difficult ‘negotiate our way to a better deal’ posts to the Brexit wombats and, when they fail to come up with anything worth all this aggravation, she’s able to say 1) it’s not because we didn’t invest enough effort in the task – these are people who wanted to leave; 2) perhaps leaving the EU isn’t our best option; 3) you useless tossers are now sacked; 4) I have more control over ultimate decisions of what direction we take.
    I think she’d make a good Bond villain.

    • pekoeblaze says:

      Totally. Although I initially worried that creating new Brexit-based ministerial posts meant that she planned on leaving sooner rather than later, I can see the logic behind it – and, yes, it’s absolutely brilliant!

      Of course, doing this also allows her to give most of the really important posts within Britain (eg: home secretary, chancellor, defence etc..) to remain supporters , whilst still appeasing the ultra-conservative Brexiteers by showing that her cabinet is a reasonable mixture of people from both sides. Absolutely brilliant!

      As for the “villain” thing – I don’t know, unlike several previous prime ministers, at least many of Theresa May’s current political schemes and machinations actually seem to possibly perhaps be in the general interest of the UK as a whole (well, apart from appointing Boris as foreign secretary – even if it is part of a clever scheme of some kind, it’ll still do untold damage to our reputation abroad), rather than only in the interest of the conservative party itself, the ultra-rich, corporations, George W. Bush etc..

      So, at the moment, I’m cautiously optimistic about this new government – even if they’re still Tories. At the very least, May’s time in government may possibly be slightly less bad than Cameron’s. Plus, everything would be a million times worse if either Boris, Gove or Leadsom had ended up becoming prime minister instead!

      • babbitman says:

        On the other hand, I used to work for the Police (the law enforcers, not the musicians) and they all hate her. They tend to dislike most Home Secretarys, because each one tends to criticise policing and ‘reform’ bits (not entirely without reason), but Theresa May is in a league of her own.

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Ah, I didn’t really know much about this but – from what I’d heard- I’d previously thought that her policing reforms were fairly reasonable (eg: speaking out about “stop and search” etc..), although I’ve just done a bit more research and read that she also apparently cut police budgets quite severely when she was Home Secretary (which is about the last thing I’d expect from a Tory home secretary). So, yeah, I can see why she’s unpopular with the police.

        I kind of have mixed feelings about the whole “reform” thing though. I can see how constant changes etc.. might annoy members of the police but, on the other hand, I think that one of the strengths of our system (compared to what I’ve read about policing in America) is that policing policy has a large amount of Government oversight. Compared to the situation over in America (where most police forces have no direct Government oversight and can pretty much get away with all sorts of unethical/illegal/ disproportionate things as a result), Home Office micromanagement etc.. seems considerably better by comparison.

      • babbitman says:

        One of the reasons I left was the fact that wages had stagnated and there were fewer people having to do more work, but I think the Treasury was probably more to blame for the overall cuts. The introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners was a bit of a joke (nobody cares about them) and policing is generally used as a political football. But yeah, the level of professionalism, training and oversight we have here is way above what they have in the US.
        Theresa May wasn’t going to take any kind of shit from the Police Federation and told them so. Very bluntly. At their own conference. Very Thatcheresque in that if she thinks she’s right, there’s no way you’re going to win against her. Which is great if that’s how she treats the Brexiteer idiots, less appealing when you think what she may do to the rest of the country.

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Yeah, I guess that budgets are probably the responsibility of the Treasury more than the Home Office. I didn’t realise that PCCs were so ineffective though – although, saying that, I can’t even remember which one I voted for during the last PCC election (and I probably couldn’t name my local PCC without looking on Google first) LOL!

        But, yeah, Theresa May certainly sounds like one of the most determined politicians that I’ve ever heard of – which will probably be a great thing during the EU exit negotiations. But, yeah, although I’m absolutely delighted that she’s taking this attitude towards the Brexiteers, large corporations (she talked about cutting bonuses in one of her speeches shortly before becoming PM etc..) etc… I just hope that she doesn’t treat the rest of the country in the same way.

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