Today’s Art (13th August 2016)

Woo hoo! My long-running “Damania” webcomic series has been resurrected for yet another mini series 🙂 You can catch up on the previous mini series here, here, here and here. Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow night 🙂

Yes, today’s comic is a cynical political cartoon. As regular readers probably know, I tend to make my art and comics quite far in advance and, the morning before I made this comic, I read this article about yet another British debate which had been censored before it even began.

The irony here is that the person who refused to debate is a left-wing NUS LGBT officer and the person she refused to share a platform with wasn’t some goose-stepping far-right extremist and/or some frothing fundamentalist, but none other than the one and only Peter Tatchell. Perhaps the most famous LGBT rights & human rights activist in current British history!

The reasons for this informal censorship were apparently because Peter Tatchell openly supported the right to free speech for a few narrow-minded people that he strongly disagrees with (and whom I strongly disagree with too). This NUS officer doesn’t seem to realise that free speech is for everyone or it’s for no-one. Democracy is based on debate, and debate requires free speech. I really hope that these modern “liberals” don’t end up in parliament in the future, since they’ll be in for quite a shock.

But, yes, it made me think of my debating days at university [a different one to the one in the news article] less than a decade ago (plus, I couldn’t resist the idea of drawing Harvey debating).

Back then, thankfully just before all of this modern hyper-censorious silliness really seriously took hold, the debating society was a place where people could put forward ludicrously controversial private motions just for the hell of it, and where you were just as likely to be arguing for the other side. It was the opposite of a modern “safe space” (which did exist back then, but it was only at the LGBT society’s events. Even then, it seemed like a rather novel thing) and it was an exhilerating thing.

But, yeah, with debates being constantly shut down by “liberals”, of all people, I despair for the future of democracy in this country. Hence this satirical cartoon.

As usual, this comic update is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Damania Resurrected - Master Debaters" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Damania Resurrected – Master Debaters” By C. A. Brown


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