Today’s Art (20th August 2016)

Today’s picture was originally supposed to look totally different. In fact, it was an actual watercolour painting but, since I was in a rush when I made it, it looked pretty terrible (eg: my original plan was to draw a dramatic car chase in space, complete with floating police cars. However, this was kind of badly-drawn and badly-painted).

After scanning the original picture and trying to improve it digitally, I was on the brink of abandoning it when I realised that, by using a lot of digital effects, I could turn it into a dramatic-looking picture of a rocket taking off from the surface of Mars instead. It still doesn’t look great, but it’s better than the original painting.

And, well, if you make art regularly, then failure happens every now and then.

As usual, this digital picture is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"From The Red Planet" By C. A. Brown

“From The Red Planet” By C. A. Brown


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