Top Ten Articles – August 2016

2016 Artwork Top Ten Articles August

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for me to compile a list of links to my ten favourite articles about art, writing and/or comics that I’ve posted here over the past month. As usual, I’ll also include a couple of honourable mentions too.

All in all, although some of this month’s articles were kind of rushed, I quite like how many of them turned out. Surprisingly though, I ended up posting a lot more reviews here than usual this month.

Anyway, here are the lists:

Top Ten Articles For August 2016:

– “Four Classic Ways To Bring A Character Back From The Dead
– “How To Take Inspiration From Other Things (Without Plagiarising Them)
– “How To Deal With Unconscious Inspiration (Plus An Art Preview)
– “Three Things About Making Good Sequels That I Learnt From A Terrible Computer Game
– “Finding Your Main Inspirations – A Ramble
– “Four Tips For Making Art (That Looks Like The Awesome Type Of Art You’ve Just Found Online)
– “Four Ways To Make Horror Funny
– “Four More Quick Sources Of Inspiration For Webcomic Updates
– “Three Things To Do When You See Better Art Than You Can (Currently) Make
– “What’s So Great About Webcomics?

Honourable Mentions:

– “How To Use Art Instruction Books
– “How To Give Your Audience That “Instantly At Home” Feeling

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