All Ten Of My Halloween 2016 Short Stories :)

2016 Artwork Halloween horror stories compilation

[Note (27/12/16): I’ve just fixed the broken link to the first story. Sorry about not noticing this at the time this post originally went out].

Well, Halloween approaches and, in case you missed any of the horror stories I’ve been writing and posting here, I thought that I’d collect them all together into one easy-to-read post πŸ™‚

The interesting thing was that some of these stories went in slightly different directions to what I had expected. Sure, there are a few dark comedy stories here, but there’s also a little bit of “serious” horror, some gothic fantasy and even a little bit of old school dystopian sci-fi and Lovecraftian weird fiction too.

So, without any further ado, here are the stories. Enjoy πŸ™‚

1) “Channel Not Available”
2) “The Law Of Nightmares”
3) “Larkminster Library”
4) “Festivals Are Grim”
5) “A Tale Of The Tricorn”
6) “Time Capsule”
7) “If Splatterpunk Still Lived…”
8) “Save Gem”
9) “Stranger Than Truth”
10) “The Other Way”.

Oh, I almost forgot, stay tuned for a new horror comic (well, comedy horror) starting tomorrow night. Or, if you’re reading this long after Halloween, then this link to the comic will become active at the start of November.

2 comments on “All Ten Of My Halloween 2016 Short Stories :)

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  2. […] reason why the interactive fiction project I made for Halloween 2015 is on a separate site, but the short story collection I wrote for Halloween 2016 is on this […]

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