Editorial Cartoon: “Tomb Raider” Turns 20

Well, about three quarters of an hour ago, I was randomly reading the news when I read that “Tomb Raider” turns 20 today. Naturally, I just had to make a quick cartoon to commemorate the occasion.

Whilst I’ve only played the first two “Tomb Raider” games (and the demo for the third one), hearing about the franchise again suddenly brought back a lot of 90s nostalgia. I remember playing the demo of Tomb Raider 3 on one of the computers in a computer shop whilst my parents were browsing. I remember the training level on “Tomb Raider 1” and how the PC version came in an absolutely giant CD case, with a CD of bonus levels that I never got round to playing.

But, most of all, I remember “Tomb Raider 2”. I remember playing it on a windows 95 computer [Edit: or was it Windows 98?]. I remember the silly cheat code that caused Lara Croft to explode. I remember playing the demo before I got the full version, and learning that if I pressed one of the function keys, all of the textures would disappear and everything in the game would look like an ice sculpture. I remember the annoying platforming. I remember the flares and the tiger in the first level. I remember the melodramatic cutscenes and I vaguely remember getting completely stuck on the “Venice” level.

Hell, even the mouse mat that I’m using with this computer is a really old and chipped one with a “Tomb Raider” design. If I remember rightly, I actually got it free with a games magazine I bought when I was a kid. It’s been sitting there for literally years and, surprisingly, I only really thought about “Tomb Raider” when I read the news article.

So much nostalgia! And I’d almost forgotten about it! So, I just had to make a cartoon – although it ended up going in a much more “realistic” (and sillier) direction than I had initially expected.

Since this is fan art, this cartoon is NOT released under a creative commons licence of any kind.
[EDIT: I’ve also just replaced the cartoon with a version that has slightly better shading.]

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Tomb Raider Turns 20" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Tomb Raider Turns 20” By C. A. Brown


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