Van Gogh Mini Painting (2nd November 2016)

Well, after an interesting suggestion in the comments on yesterday’s art post, I decided to try to make a quick small version of a Van Gogh painting in my style (I’m not sure if I got the right painting or not).

Surprisingly, this was more challenging to get right than I had expected. This was mostly because the colours ended up being too dull and/or weren’t placed properly in the original painting, so I had to do a lot more digital editing than usual after I scanned it. Surprisingly, this actually took two attempts to get right. If you’re curious how much difference digital editing can make, click here to see my original failed attempt at editing the painting.

Because this is a small spontaneous painting based on a public domain work, I’ve decided to release the two versions of the picture in this post without any kind copyright etc…

"Van Gogh Mini Painting" By C. A. Brown (After Van Gogh, of course)

“Van Gogh Mini Painting” By C. A. Brown (After Van Gogh, of course)


6 comments on “Van Gogh Mini Painting (2nd November 2016)

  1. babbitman says:

    Like it. Feels like a cool modern re-working of the original.
    There are definite similarities between your style and Van Gogh’s. I think he did various studies of his chairs & bedroom but the one that sprang to mind after seeing your ‘Bedroom that was’ is his ‘Bedroom in Arles’ – – you should definitely try and schedule in an attempt to recreate that pic but in your own style.

    • pekoeblaze says:

      Thanks 🙂 If I remember rightly, I made a study of “Starry Night” last year. Plus, one of the comics that I’ll be posting here in early-mid January will have a Van Gogh-themed panel [Edit: it’ll appear here on the 4th January]. I’ve never really seen Van Gogh as that much of an influence though – for example, the colour palette I used in the mini painting (and in quite a few paintings from next April/May onwards) was much more influenced by the use of colours in a really great set of fan-made “Doom II” levels called ‘Ancient Aliens’ LOL!!!

      I’m not sure when/if I’d get round to making a version of “Bedroom In Arles” though (it might end up being a spontaneous extra painting in the near future – probably not today though – or it might be added to the schedule and not turn up for quite a long time. I’m not sure.). Still, it seems like an interesting idea.

      • babbitman says:

        I think the stylised representation plus specific colour choices show that you’ve got some similarities to old Vince. OK, the colours aren’t the same but you & VVG both work with personal palettes.
        I like the Starry Night cover version 😉
        No rush for the Bedroom In Arles, but I think it’d come out quite nicely.

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Ah, it’s probably more a case of indirect inspiration than anything else – since I guess that some of the things that have inspired me have either been inspired by Van Gogh, inspired by things that were inspired by Van Gogh, or inspired by things that also inspired Van Gogh (eg: old Japanese art, which I was fascinated with for a while. Van Gogh also painted in this style for a while). But, the palette thing mostly came about because I was fascinated with the idea of limited palette art.

        Thanks 🙂 I might try to paint a version of the painting today, but I’m not sure whether it’ll be an extra painting or, depending on time, something that I’ll add to the schedule (if I do, I might post a preview here – although the full size painting wouldn’t appear for a long time).

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Done 🙂 It’s at the end of this article 🙂 I was feeling more inspired than I expected and, once I’d finished, I kind of wanted to show it off as soon as possible 🙂 However, the painting went in a much more gothic horror/ 1980s-90s cyberpunk kind of direction. Then again, looking on Wikipedia, Van Gogh tended to make stylistic changes whenever he copied paintings.

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