Extra Painting: “Another Bedroom In Arles” (After Van Gogh)

Well, after yesterday’s extra painting, there was another really interesting Van Gogh-related suggestion in the comments – namely that I should try to remake “Bedroom In Arles” in my own style.

Although I hadn’t planned to do this for a while, when I made a preliminary sketch, I realised that it wouldn’t be as difficult as I thought. Not only that, I also thought that the room in the painting looked a bit “empty”. So, I thought that I’d add some extra stuff and, before I knew it, my remake had turned into a 1980s/90s-style gothic horror cyberpunk painting.

And, yes, during my research, I learnt that Van Gogh used to do vaguely similar kinds of radical style changes when he copied other paintings. What can I say? I wanted to look for the “goth” in “Van Gogh”. And, yes, I know that it’s a mispronunciation, but ‘rule of cool‘.

Oh, before I post the painting at the end of the article, here’s the line art for it too 🙂

Since this ‘fan art’ is based on a public domain painting, it is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence (mostly because it’s too large/detailed for me to feel comfortable releasing it without any kind of copyright, like I did with yesterday’s mini painting).

"Another Bedroom In Arles (After Van Gogh)" By C. A. Brown

“Another Bedroom In Arles (After Van Gogh)” By C. A. Brown

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