Today’s Art (21st November 2016)

Well, I was still in the mood for horror-themed film noir-style art, so today’s painting is similar to the two paintings that I posted a couple of days ago (that can be viewed here and here).

Although this painting required some digital editing after I scanned it, it didn’t really require the same amount of editing as the previous two “film noir horror” paintings did. This was mostly because I directly incorporated the “blue foreground, orange background” colour scheme into this painting painting when I was making it (the previous two paintings originally had more of a “realistic” colour schemes but, due to mistakes with this, I ended up digitally changing the colours).

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"The Ruby In The Swamp" By C. A. Brown

“The Ruby In The Swamp” By C. A. Brown


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