Top Ten Articles – November 2016

2016 Artwork Top Ten Articles November

Well, it’s the end of the month and this means that it’s time for me to give you a list of links to my ten favourite articles (with a few honourable mentions too) that I’ve posted here about making webcomics, making art and/or writing fiction over the past month.

Surprisingly, I actually wrote all of this month’s articles within the space of about fifteen days. Usually, it takes me a little under a month to write a month’s worth of articles, but I was feeling unusually motivated.

Although there were a few repetitious articles and short articles posted here this month, I feel that the quality – on the whole- has actually been reasonably good. In addition to this, there were also a surprising number of articles about making webcomics too.

Anyway, here are the lists. Enjoy đŸ™‚

Top Ten Articles For November 2016:

– “Four Ways To Get Motivated To Make Comics (And Stay Motivated!)
– “Three Basic Tips For Creating A “Realistic” Setting For Your Webcomic
– “Four Reasons Why Cyberpunk Art Is Really Fun To Make
– “Inspiration Is A Compromise- A Ramble
– “Finding A Main Cast For Your Long-Running Webcomic
– “Four Basic Ways To Find A Name For Your Webcomic Series
– “How Many Panels Should Your Webcomic Updates Have?
– “Three Basic Tricks For Adding More Varied Art To Your Webcomic
– “Why Gutter Colours In Comics Matter More Than You Might Think
– “One Quick Way To Banish Writer’s Block If You’re Making A Webcomic

Honourable Mentions:

– “Lettering In Webcomics – Handwritten Or Digital?
– “Four Reasons Why Self-Portraits Are Better Than ‘Selfies’
– “Three Cool Painting And/Or Drawing Techinques That I’ve Learnt Recently
– “One Way To Draw Backgrounds Through Rain-Covered Windows

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