[All Stories] “A Cyberpunk Christmas” – A Short Story Collection By C. A. Brown


Merry Christmas everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ In case you missed any of the 14 short stories that I’ve been posting over the past fortnight, I thought that I’d post a handy list of links (and cheesy descriptions) for you.

Each of these stories is completely self-contained although, particularly towards the end of the series, there is also something of an over-arching sub-plot. So, they’re best enjoyed when read in order. But, if you only have time to read a few, then check out “Early Access“, “System Restore“, “Legacy Connection” and/or “Sneakernet“.

The strange thing was that I’d originally planned for this to be a small, low-effort counterpart to my Halloween short story collection, that was originally supposed to run for just five stories. But, about eight days of writing and 14 stories later, things turned out a bit differently. Still, I had a lot of fun writing this short story collection and I hope you have a lot of fun reading it ๐Ÿ™‚

1) “Bandwidth”: Two cybernetic internet users have a conversation about Christmas shopping and other random topics. But, someone is watching….

2) “Site Access”: A hacker’s got a job. But, unfortunately, no holiday pay. Will they learn the true meaning of Christmas?

3) “Return”: A down-and-out net crew find themselves holed up in an abandoned shopping centre, can they figure out what happened to the centre?

4) “Private Server”: Because public servers are for the hoi polloi, don’t you know?

5) “System Restore”: Fun fact – every cyberpunk story collection has to include at least one grizzled old detective.

6) “Forward”: A cautionary tale about a computer virus that emerges every Christmas. Every year. It might even affect you….

7) “Legacy Connection”: With all of the city’s bandwidth hogged by just one Christmas-themed simulation, what is an avid MMORPG player to do?

8) “Report”: A lone journalist. A strange event. A cynical conclusion.

9) “Early Access”: Wow! After making the sale of the year, John’s bagged two tickets for the exclusive pre-release beta of the latest 1980s-themed DLC for the popular “Winter Wonderland” simulation. Doesn’t it sound wonderfully perfect?

10) “Cache”: Videogame piracy in the distant future sure is weird!

11) “Script”: Catch up on the latest episode of “Game SIM roundup” here! Broadcast directly into your mind!

12) “Moore’s Law”: I guess that you could say that the narration in this story is a little bit… robotic.

13) “Sneakernet”: Cyberpunk without the “cyber”, well sort of. Take a look for yourself and make up your mind. Can this actually be done?

14) “Comment Out”: Because no sci-fi series is complete without a random five-year time jump in the final episode.

One comment on “[All Stories] “A Cyberpunk Christmas” – A Short Story Collection By C. A. Brown

  1. […] that I managed to write a total 33 short stories in a row (the most I’ve managed before is fourteen stories) and the highlights of this month’s collection include: ‘Floor Seven‘, […]

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