COMING SOON: Five Short Stories Set In The 1990s


Woo hoo! Although it will be no surprise to anyone who has read the “Short Stories” page, I am pleased to announce that, at the beginning of February, there will be a series of daily short stories posted here at 9:30pm GMT each evening.

This was more of an experimental project and it only lasted for five stories before the whole thing ran out of steam. Although I’d originally planned to set these stories during different parts of the 1990s and in both Britain and America, virtually all of the stories take place in mid-late 1990s Britain.

These stories mostly revolve around (vaguely) mundane life and it was something of an experiment with writing mildly more “realistic” fiction. From this, I learnt that my strengths lie in more imaginative types of fiction (eg: the series of cyberpunk stories I wrote for Christmas last year). Still, I’ll post the stories since at least a couple of them turned out reasonably well.


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