One Sneaky Trick For Getting Artistically Inspired Again (Plus An Art Preview :) )

2017 Artwork Turn Uninspiration Into Inspiration

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, I had been going through an uninspired phase. But, the day after the events described in that article, I found a cunning way to make a much more inspired digitally-edited painting.

So, I thought that I’d share this sneaky technique with you. But, first, here’s a reduced-size preview of the inspired painting I made:

The full-size painting will be posted here in mid-March.

The full-size painting will be posted here in mid-March.

Since I’d already been feeling uninspired for one day, I was determined that the next day’s painting would be better. So, I started out by using one of my tried-and-tested techniques for producing good art when I’m really uninspired. In other words, I originally planned to make a “low-imagination” type of art.

In this case, it was going to be a piece of “Silent Hill” fan art. Since the characters and settings have already been created by someone else, fan art requires less imagination to make than original art does (since you only need to find a new interpretation of something that already exists).

Other types of “low-imagination” art can include things like natural landscapes (since they don’t involve drawing people, and include relatively little visual storytelling) and still life painting (since you just have to paint what is in front of you). Although this obviously varies from artist to artist.

Once I found a “low-imagination” type of art, I started to make a preliminary sketch. And, this is where the clever part happens!

Whilst making the sketch, I asked myself “is there any way I can turn this into an original painting instead?“. Since I already had the basic parts of the painting sketched out and because I knew that, if I couldn’t think of a good idea, I could still make my previous fan art idea – there was no pressure whatsoever.

Within minutes, I’d thought of a better, and significantly more original, idea of what I could do with my original rough sketch.

Uninspiration (or artist’s block) can sometimes be caused by putting too much pressure on yourself. If you sternly tell yourself that you should make a good painting (rather than just focusing on making a painting, and hoping that it will be good) your high expectations might cause your imagination to freeze up.

So, starting out by planning a “low-imagination” type of art takes some of the pressure off of your imagination. Since you know that you will produce a decent-looking (if unimaginitive) painting even if you can’t think of another idea, then there’s no fear of failure. Not that failure is a bad thing, as tomorrow’s article will explain…

Not only that, if you plot out the basics of your “low-imagination” painting or drawing in pencil, then you’ll also take some of the pressure off of your imagination by turning the task ahead of you from being “creating a totally new painting from nothing” to “extensively modifying a pre-existing plan“.

Generally speaking, modifying things (even very heavily) takes a lot less imagination than creating totally new things does.

So, start with a pencil sketch of something that you could “paint or draw in your sleep” and then see if you can convert it into something more imaginative and original.


Anyway, I hope that this was useful ๐Ÿ™‚


2 comments on “One Sneaky Trick For Getting Artistically Inspired Again (Plus An Art Preview :) )

  1. Jamila Smith says:

    Thank you for this tip! It was interesting to read about your technique.

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