Today’s Art (12th February 2017)

First of all, here’s a link to the uncensored version of this comic. Sorry about the silly censorship but, since this comic appears at full size in the newsfeeds of anyone following this blog, I thought it best to tone down the language slightly in the version that appears in the main post. The uncensored version will also appear in the compilation post that I’ll make when this mini series finishes in two days’ time.

Anyway, this is the eighth comic in “Damania Retrofuturistic”, another short webcomic mini series from my long-running occasional “Damania” webcomic. You can see more “Damania” comics in the ‘2016’ and ‘2017’ parts of this page (there are also two in the ‘2015’ section too, but I don’t consider them to be “canoncial”).

I literally couldn’t stop laughing as soon as I planned out this comic. In case anyone is puzzled by it, it’s a parody of the scene where Roy Batty meets Eldon Tyrell in Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” (well, the 1982 international version of it at least). And, yes, the title of this comic is a reference to an Iron Maiden song.

Since both versions of this comic update are a direct parody of a scene from “Blade Runner”, both the censored and uncensored comics are NOT released under a Creative Commons licence of any kind.

[CENSORED VERSION - click for larger image] "Damania Retrofuturistic - Wrathchild" By C. A. Brown

[CENSORED VERSION – click for larger image] “Damania Retrofuturistic – Wrathchild” By C. A. Brown