Top Ten Articles – February 2017

2017 Artwork Top Ten Articles February

Well, it’s the end of the month, so that means that it’s time for my usual list of links to what I consider to be the ten best articles about making webcomics, making art and/or writing that I’ve posted here over the past month (and possibly a couple of honourable mentions too).

Unfortunately, due to being busy with a couple of upcoming webcomic mini series and due to the hot weather at the time of writing some of this month’s articles (I write them quite a few months in advance), the best articles posted here this month mostly seem to come from the beginning of the month. Still, here’s hoping that March’s articles will be better.

Anyway, here are the lists:

Top Ten Articles – February 2017:

– “Four Awesome Ways To Fail Properly At A Creative Project
– “Three Inspiring Things To Remember When You’re Having A Totally Uninspired Day
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Making Heavy Metal Art
– “Four Reasons Why Tenebrism Is One Of The Coolest Types Of Art ( Both To Make And To Look At)
– “Three Ways To Use The Backgrounds Of Your Webcomic To Stay Motivated
– “Three Tips For Fine Tuning A Comic Idea
– “Three Possible Reasons For Emotional Tone Shifts In Comics (Plus, A Comic Preview)
– “The Five Stages of Making A Webcomic Update (Plus, A Comic Preview)
– “Four Reasons Why The Noir Genre Is So Interesting For Artists
– “Three Tips For Dealing With Moments Of Low Enthusiasm When Making Webcomics

Honourable mentions:

– “Three Very Basic Tips For Compact Storytelling In Comics
– “Three Reasons Why Webcomics, TV shows etc.. Can Go From Self-Contained “Episodes” To Longer Stories

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