Today’s Art (12th March 2017)

Well, today’s painting was originally supposed to be a gloomy painting of a beach (vaguely inspired by part of this horror game I reviewed last month), but things started going very badly, very quickly. By the end, I was left with a painting which not only looked like something I could have made in 2014, but something that I could have made in 2014 on a bad day!

This is probably due to the fact that my imagination was still resting afer making three webcomic mini series within about a fortnight (they can be read here, here and here).

Still, I needed to make something for today’s art post – so, I decided to turn my failed painting of a beach into some kind of strange 1980s-style gothic abstract picture through the extensive use of digital effects. As strange as this picture looks, it still looks ten times better than my original painting LOL!

As usual, this picture is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence

"Between Channels" By C. A. Brown

“Between Channels” By C. A. Brown


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