Top Ten Articles – July 2017


Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for me to compile my usual list of links to my ten favourite articles about making art, making comics and/or writing fiction that I’ve posted here over the past month. As usual, I’ll also include a couple of honourable mentions too.

This month probably wasn’t the best month I’ve had in terms of articles. As well as writing more reviews than usual (which were fun to write though), I felt a bit uninspired during some parts of this month – so, a few of the articles were either kind of repetitive or not that great. But, well, occasional spells of writer’s block are one of the occupational hazards of daily blogging.

Anyway, here are the lists. Enjoy 🙂

Top Ten Articles – July 2017:

– “How To Change Art Mediums Quickly And Easily
– “Three Fascinating “Time Travel”-Based Art Exercises
– “Four Ways That Making Art Regularly Changes How You See The World
– “Four Basic Ways To Downgrade Your Webcomic (To Stay Inspired)
– “Three Things To Do When You Predict The Future Incorrectly In A Webcomic
– “Three More Tips For Making Art That Looks Like It’s From The ’90s
– “Three Ways To Make Something That Is ‘So Bad That It’s Good’
– “Three Tips For Making Art When You Are Tired
– “Four Tips For Remaking Famous Old Paintings In Your Own Style
– “Four Basic Ways To Create 1990s Style Gothic Horror Art, Comics etc..

Honourable mentions:

– “One Simple Way To Add Depth To Rainfall (Or Snowfall) In Digital Art/ Digitally-Edited Art
– “You Don’t Need A Huge Budget To Make Art

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