Today’s Art (1st August 2017)

Well, today’s digitally-edited painting was originally going to be a 1990s painting. But, since I happened to be watching the start of the second season of “Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex” whilst sketching, I both got distracted (because even the title credits alone are basically the closest thing to my idea of a perfect TV show, namely “‘Blade Runner’, but with goths”. And the first four episodes are just… wow! Seriously, it somehow manages to be ten times better than the first season… and I didn’t even think that this was possible!) and ended up taking the picture in a much more familiar cyberpunk direction.

I don’t know, as cool as the 1990s is, it’s surprisingly challenging to make a painting that looks distinctly 90s. I’ve tried many times, but I hardly ever seem to get it quite right. So, I kind of took the easy option with this painting.

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Corner Bar" By C. A. Brown

“Corner Bar” By C. A. Brown


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