Editorial Cartoon – Charlottesville

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Editorial Cartoon – Charlottesville” By C. A. Brown

Sorry that it’s somewhat late, badly-drawn and not particularly subtle, but I thought that I should say something about the shocking events in America a few days ago (and Donald Trump’s terrifying response to them too). Although I hadn’t planned to tackle this topic until some of the comics that I’ll be posting here next year, I also thought that I should say something now.

But, as terrifying as the recent events over in America seem to be, one reassuring thing is that they have pretty much united the whole world (except for Donald Trump, it seems) in opposition to both the murderous fascist rabble who terrorised Charlottesville, and to everything that they stand for.

On a personal level, I’ve found my own political views (which are normally a somewhat varied mixture of opinons) leaning further to the left than usual over the past few days.
Because, despite any criticisms I might have of the modern left, these criticisms dwindle into nothing when compared to the sheer horror of heavily-armed fascists marching through the streets of a country that helped to fight against such poisonous ideologies less than eight decades ago.

So, thankfully, the violent fascist rabble in America seem to have scored an own goal. Far from drumming up support for their terrifying ideas, they’ve pretty much united everyone in opposition to them. So, although it initially looked like the worst parts of 20th century history were repeating themselves, at least most of the world thankfully seems to have learnt the lessons of that terrible time (even if Donald Trump doesn’t seem to).

4 comments on “Editorial Cartoon – Charlottesville

  1. Paul Godden says:

    Very well said.

    There will be more marches over the next few days… let’s hope that one life lost, and all those injured in Charlottesville, are the highest cost we have to pay; but I very much fear that this will only get worse before it gets any better.

    • pekoeblaze says:


      I didn’t realise that there could be more of these marches. I mean, one was bad enough and I’m kind of shocked that any more would be allowed to happen after that ( even just on public safety grounds, let alone on moral grounds). But, hopefully any future ones will be peaceful or, at the very least, policed a lot more effectively than the one in Charlottesville seems to have been.
      I’m also still shocked that the police in Charlottesville just let the fascists show up to their protest carrying weapons [ EDIT: Regardless of whatever the laws about weapons in that part of the US might be, it’s surely still a violation of the legal concept of peaceful protest.].

      But, even though it’s extremely chilling that Trump still refuses to properly condemn these fascists, it is at least reassuring that pretty much everyone else ( even including many members of Trump’s party) is united in condemnation of them. So, at least they won’t win any major public support.

      • Paul Godden says:

        From what I saw on the news today, the Nazi marchers in Boston were outnumbered by the police, and they were all outnumbered by the counter-protestors… nicely done Boston.

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Totally. I was initially a bit nervous when I first saw the headline on BBC News about another march happening in Boston, but it’s reassuring that the Nazis were vastly outnumbered by both the police and people protesting against them.
        From what I’ve read, even the people who initially organised the march/rally (and claim that it was originally supposed to be a political debate or something like that) disbanded it early when they realised that it could attract the far-right.

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