Announcement: Writer’s Club On “A Writer’s Path”

Sorry about the change to the title graphic, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the original text.

As regular readers of this site probably know, some of my articles have been featured as guest posts on “A Writer’s Path“. Anyway, the owner of the site recently contacted me to point out that the site now has a writer’s club.

From what I’ve read about it, it is a crowdfunded club (with a minimum membership fee/donation of one US dollar per month) that also offers a list of writing-related benefits and services to members, which include things like blurb coaching, book summary critiques, book promotion etc..

In addition to this, at the time of writing, the comment section on the article about the writing club still seems to be active – so you can ask about these things if you need more details.

Although I haven’t joined the club (since, aside from a few short stories I’ll be posting here near Halloween, I’m still focusing more on art/comics than on writing fiction these days) and therefore can’t personally review it, my experiences with guest posting on “A Writer’s Path” have been very positive (both in terms of the discussion about the posts and my correspondence with the site owner).

Plus, the “A Writer’s Path” site updates regularly and features both instructional articles about writing (including a few guest posts by yours truly) and regular book reviews. So, the site is certainly worth taking a look at, regardless of whether you decide to join the writing club or not.


2 comments on “Announcement: Writer’s Club On “A Writer’s Path”

  1. theryanlanz says:

    Thanks for the shout-out!

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