Top Ten Articles – November 2017

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for me to collect the usual list of links to my ten favourite articles about making comics and/or making art that I’ve posted here over the past month (plus a couple of honourable mentions too).

All in all, even though there were some good articles posted here this month, it probably wasn’t the best month ever in terms of overall quality. Due to uninspiration, being busy with the Christmas comic and being in a bit of a mood whilst preparing some of this month’s articles, there were more reviews, short articles, rambles and repetitve articles than usual. Hopefully, December’s articles will be better šŸ™‚

Anyway, here are the lists. Enjoy šŸ™‚

Top Ten Articles – November 2017:

– “Three Things That 1980s-2000s American & Canadian Punk Music Can Teach (Visual) Artists
– “Three Vague Tips For Making Early-Mid ’00s Style Artwork
– “Four Reasons Why Artists Use Limited Palettes
– “Two Things That Remaking Your Old Art Will Show You (Apart From Your Skill Level)”
– “Why “Modern Art” Paintings Aren’t As Easy As They Look – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Rush A Comic Update Well
– “Three Reasons Why The Fictional “Worlds” In Art/Novels/Webcomics etc.. Often Seem To Be Slightly Old
– “Can Creative People Have Rare Works These Days? – A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Making Art Set In Late 1980s/ Early-Mid 1990s America
– “Three Tips For Finding “Hidden” Influences On Your Art Style

Honourable Mentions:

– “Three Creative Advantages Of Not Being Totally Up To Date With Current Culture
– “Three Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Keep (And Show Off) Copies Of Your Line Art

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