Today’s Art (14th March 2018)

Well, despite making two pieces of fan art (this one and this one) last month, I found myself in the mood for making fan art once again (the line art for this cartoon can be seen here).

Surprisingly, although I managed to include references to “Gremlins 2: The New Batch“, “Lois & Clark“, “The X-Files” and (if you look carefully) “Dilbert“, I annoyingly didn’t have space to include any characters from “Twin Peaks” and “Heathers” (I was originally vaguely thinking about making a comic about how James and Donna from the first series of “Twin Peaks” and J.D. and Veronica from “Heathers” look uncannily similar, but eventually settled on the idea of making a cartoon about how offices in classic 1990s US TV shows/movies often seem to be very strange places).

Since this is fan art, this painting is NOT released under any kind of Creative Commons licence.

“Fan Art- 90s Office Fun” By C. A. Brown


One comment on “Today’s Art (14th March 2018)

  1. Matthew Smith says:

    Brilliant stuff. You paint these with water colour pencils and then edit in paint? They’ve come on a long way since the “Random Shootings” of 1990’s vintage.

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