The Complete “Work In Progress” Line Art For My “Wordless Comics” Webcomic Mini Series

Well, as usual, I thought that I’d provide the “work in progress” line art for my latest webcomic mini series. This one was a bit different to most of my comics, since I decided to try making a series with new characters that didn’t include any dialogue.

This series was surprisingly art-intensive, although the line art for it isn’t technically wordless (since I left notes on the line art for myself about what to do when finishing the comics).

Two major differences between the line art and the finished comics are that the line art for the first comic is missing two panels (since I was able to repurpose the first two panels using image editing software to save time). In the first comic, the “daydream” panel also has more background detail in the line art too.

Likewise, the “right-wing monster” in the second panel of the second comic has a rather evil-looking toothbrush moustache in the line art than he doesn’t have in the final comic (I altered this in the final comic because I thought that it was too obvious and/or too cynical). Likewise, the line art also contains a lot of extra background detail in two panels that I removed in the final comic (to give it more of a “horror movie” type atmosphere). There are probably at least a few other small changes that I can’t remember too.

You can click on each piece of line art in order to see a larger version of it.

“Wordless Comics – Red Dress (Line Art)” By C. A. Brown

“Wordless Comics – Look Both Ways (Line Art)” By C. A. Brown

“Wordless Comics – L’Enfer C’est Les Autres (Line Art)” By C. A. Brown

“Wordless Comics – The Whole Town To Myself (Line Art)” By C. A. Brown

“Wordless Comics – Just Add Imagination (Line Art)” By C. A. Brown

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