Today’s Art (6th June 2018)

Well, I’m still in the mood for making gothic art set in Aberystwyth (and, yes, today’s art also comes in a “non-rainy” version too).

Today’s digitally-edited painting is a piece of art that I had originally planned to make eight years ago (when I was actually living in Aberystwyth).

In early 2010, I was listening to “Sign Of The Cross” by Iron Maiden and the song suddenly prompted a random daydream about a group of medieval monks marching ominously through one of the town’s supermarket car parks (but, a different one to the one in the painting).

I’d thought about making a drawing based on this at the time, but never got round to it. Which is just as well, given how inexperienced I was at making art back then (seriously, here’s one of my drawings from summer 2010), I’d never have done it justice. Plus, the eight-year time gap gave me time to play a cool old game called “Blood” which reminded me of how hilariously melodramatic ‘ominous monks’ can be.

As usual, both the finished version of this painting and the “non-rainy” version are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

“Aberystwyth – Ominous Daydreams” By C. A. Brown

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