Today’s Art (13th June 2018)

Here’s the next digitally-edited painting in my “Gothic Aberystwyth” art series. Surprisingly, this actually ended up being an autobiographical one.

Basically, for Halloween 2009, I got a festival pass to the Abertoir film festival at the Arts Centre cinema. Anyway, after watching one of the horror movies, I happened to notice a camera crew as I was leaving the cinema. The person I glanced briefly in front of the camera seemed like they were someone famous but I couldn’t quite work out who they were at the time.

Of course, quite some time later, I happened to get notstalgic and look on Youtube where I found a documentary filmed at the festival [mildly NSFW] and to my surprise, I realised that the person in question was none other than Emily Booth (star of “Bits“, “Shock Movie Massacre”, “Cradle Of Fear“, “Evil Aliens” etc..)! And I’m still kind of amazed that I walked past none other than Emily Booth and didn’t quite realise it at the time!

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

“Aberystwyth – Abertoir ’09” By C. A. Brown

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