Today’s Art (12th August 2018)

Well, today’s digitally-edited painting was kind of an interesting one. It was initially inspired by seeing Youtube videos of semi-abandoned shopping centres in America (which were initially eerily fascinating to watch, but which became more depressing the more of them I watched). Although I’ve seen a couple of semi-abandoned shopping centres here in Britain, the American ones on Youtube are really something else!

This topic also interested me since I’d re-played “Silent Hill 3” (which has a level set in an eerie shopping centre) and watched “Mallrats” (a celebration of this type of building from it’s heyday in the 1990s) within the past month or two and I was also in a nostalgic mood too.

Although the final painting ended up being one of the most detailed paintings I’ve made in a while, it ended up looking somewhat different to what I had originally envisaged (although the line art looks closer to my original “vision” for the painting). This is probably because of the fact that my own “style” uses high-contrast lighting, which doesn’t fit in well with the more bland/washed-out colours that are typical of this type of location. In retrospect, I should have probably gone for a creepier and more gothic look, rather than the vaguely cyberpunk-influenced 1990s-style look I went for.

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

“And Once A Palace” By C. A. Brown

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