Top Ten Articles – August 2018

Well, it’s the end of the month and this means that it’s time for me to do my usual thing of providing a list of links to the ten best articles about making art, writing fiction and/or making webcomics that I’ve posted here over the past month (plus a few honourable mentions too).

All in all, this month has been a reasonably good one in terms of articles, even if I was also busy with lots of stuff. Still, there ended up being slightly more reviews posted here than I’d initially planned (then again, this seems to be something of a trend here these days).

Anyway, here are the lists 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Top Ten Articles – August 2018:

– “One Basic Way To Get The Size Of Everything In Your Drawing Or Painting Right
– “When A Story Fails At The Last Minute – A Ramble
– “Three Basic Reasons Why Nostalgia Turns Up In Creative Works A Lot
– “When A Short Story Turns Out Badly – A Ramble
– “Three Things To Do If You Worry That Your Art Is Getting Worse
– “When Your Art Style Gets In The Way – A Ramble
– “One Benefit Of Creative Limitations
– “When Nostalgia Isn’t Defined – A Ramble
– “Simplification And Storytelling – A Ramble
– “Two More Quick Tips For Making Monochrome Art

Honourable Mentions:

– “Make Your Filler Comics Fun (To Make) – A Ramble
– “Two Quick Tips For When Your Artistic Enthusiasm Runs Low
– “Here’s Another Thing Computer And Video Games Can Teach Writers And Artists

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