Today’s Art (13th December 2018)

Woo hoo! I’m feeling inspired again! This digitally-edited painting is based on a sudden rush of memories that flashed through my mind whilst writing this article.

Basically, after spending 1-3 years not reading that much, I got back into reading regularly again and suddenly I remembered how books had been an omnipresent part of my life for so long. That, for almost every book, I could remember when and where I read it. That they were the constant background of my teenage years and early-mid twenties. The emotions this provoked are difficult to describe, but it was like suddenly knowing myself again.

I’m just annoyed that I couldn’t fit anywhere near the amount of books, authors etc.. into this painting as I probably should, let alone the fact that working out a way to represent the memories and emotions this moment stirred in me was next to impossible. Still, this resulted in an inspired fan art painting and it turned out a lot better than I’d expected. Enjoy 🙂

Since this is fan art, this painting is NOT released under any kind of Creative Commons licence.

“Fan Art – Memories Of Books” By C. A. Brown

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