Today’s Art (9th April 2019)

Well, since I was slightly tired and in a bit of a rush, today’s artwork is 100% digital. It was a quick digital painting (made in about 20-25 minutes) that I made, which was based on this photo I took of the hallway/staircase near my room after I noticed that, thanks to the way that my digital camera works, the light tended to look more orange in low-light environments.

So, after turning some lights off, I was able to take a photo that reminded me of the tenebrist art of old (my favourite type of historical art). In addition to this, thanks to the orange light and some of the digital techniques I used, I was also able to take inspiration from an amazing classic horror videogame called “Silent Hill 3” whilst making the digital painting too 🙂

As usual, this digital painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

“Low Light – Silent Hall” By C. A. Brown

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