Twenty-Five Interesting Youtube Channels/Videos To Pass The Time During Lockdown

[Edit: Apologies if this article disappeared and then reappeared. I’d originally planned for it to appear just before midnight, but forgot that this site uses a 24-hour clock and is based on UTC/GMT. So apologies if it vanished for a couple of minutes whilst I was resetting the scheduled posting time.

Edit [1:22am 1:49 BST]: I’ve also just made some even more slight improvements/clarifications to the final part of this article too. Sorry about all of these post-publication changes/edits, I usually prepare articles quite far in advance to avoid this sort of thing.]

Well, during my previous article about low-budget ways to pass the time during the Coronavirus lockdown, I mentioned some Youtube channels/videos that can be enjoyably binge-watched. But, at the time, I thought that the first segment of the article was already a bit too long, so I had to cut the list short.

But, it occurred to me that it might be worth listing at least some of the channels that didn’t appear in the original list in case they can help any of you pass the time.

I’ve also decided to split this list into several segments (General Interest, Music, Gaming and Horror/Dark Comedy), but there may be some overlap between these categories.

This isn’t an exhaustive list (and apologies to any channels that I’ve missed) and I should also point out that it is primarily aimed at a twenty/thirtysomething audience too, but hopefully you’ll find something interesting here:

General Interest:

– “Now You See It” is a channel that contains some really interesting mini-documentaries about film, TV and film-making in general.

– “Squirrel Monkey” is a comedy channel that – surprisingly “accurately” – reimagines what a lot of modern websites/tech would look like if it was created during the 1980s/90s. The highlight is probably the “Wonders Of The World Wide Web” series of parody instructional/tutorial videos (which are a must-watch for anyone who used to watch “Tomorrow’s World” back in the 1990s).

– “Super Rae Dizzle” is a fun art channel that focuses on amusing art challenges, art supply reviews and/or slightly unusual art supplies.

– “Chloe Rose Art” is another art challenge/review/unusual art supplies channel, which also contains quite a few comedic moments/elements too.

– “Tom Scott” is the presenter of a really interesting channel filled with mini-documentaries about history, technology, unusual places and all manner of fascinating topics.

– “Today I Found Out” is a channel dedicated to quirky facts, unusual history and stuff like that. It is funny and fascinating in equal measure and is the sort of thing that can easily fill a long binge-watching session.

– “Rocket Jump” is a comedy channel filled with short films that often affectionately parody the action/thriller genre (and sometimes contain better action sequences than some larger studios can produce on Hollywood budgets).


– “Melodicka Bros” is a channel filled with quirky, comedic and/or unusual acoustic covers of various songs – with a focus on heavy metal music too 🙂

– “Soundtracks LIVE” is an official playlist of orchestral covers of various epic movie soundtracks by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

– “Paweł Zadrożniak” is the creator of “The Floppotron”, a bizarre and thoroughly awesome instrument constructed from lots of old computer parts, which he uses to play cover versions of a variety of different songs.

– “Raphael Mendes” is a singer who does the most eerily accurate vocal impression of Iron Maiden’s lead singer (Bruce Dickinson) that you will ever hear. If you are an Iron Maiden fan, then you need to watch this channel!

– “Minniva Official” is a channel filled with amazingly powerful vocal and guitar covers of heavy metal and classic rock songs. Seriously, these are absolutely epic 🙂


– “Outside Xbox” and “Outside Xtra” are two channels that focus on amusing videogame-related lists and discussions about modern games. With a distinctive personality and a sense of humour, these channels are a bit like a more sophisticated and up-to-date equivalent of the classic late-night Channel 4 gaming TV shows (like “Bits” and “Thumb Bandits”) that anyone who grew up in late 1990s/early 2000s Britain probably remembers.

– “Pushing Up Roses” is a channel that has focused heavily on classic “point and click” games. Although the channel has mostly moved on to other topics these days, it is well worth watching the older videos here if you either enjoy and/or feel vaguely nostalgic about this type of game.

– “LGR” is a channel with a heavy focus on both retro gaming and on quirky pieces of old technology. Seriously, if you want a nostalgic and “feel good” retro gaming/tech channel, then watch this one.

– “Did You Know Gaming?” is a channel focused on videogame history and trivia, with each video usually focusing on an individual game or series.

– “LowSpecGamer” is my kind of gaming channel 🙂 This channel focuses on finding clever ways to run modern computer games on machines that are well below the minimum system requirements (and I have it to thank for putting me in the right mindset for getting this game to actually run on my PC).

“RandomGamingInHD” and “Budget-Builds Official” are PC building channels aimed at low-mid budget users, which often also look back at older pieces of technology and contain subtly comedic moments too.

Horror/ Dark Comedy [WARNING – Some channels may contain GRUESOME horror game/movie imagery]:

– “Maven Of The Eventide” is a channel dedicated to exploring and reviewing everything related to the vampire genre. This is a fun and fascinating channel for anyone who is slightly on the gothic side of things.

– “Yogscast Fright Night – Outlast” is an extended series of “Let’s Play” videos for the horror game “Outlast” – which are worth watching because the commentary and reactions by the two presenters (Kim and Hannah) transforms a scary and ultra-gruesome horror game into a hilarious dark comedy series. Yes, it isn’t for the squeamish but, if you have a slightly twisted sense of humour, then this is a surprisingly funny and oddly “feel good” video series. But, again, it is not for the squeamish!

– “Resident Evil: Worst Architect Ever” is a hilarious animated parody video about the puzzle design in the old “Resident Evil” games. Yes, it will be funniest if you’ve actually played these games, but it is well-written enough that it will probably still be amusing if you haven’t. And, talking of “Resident Evil”….

– “The Sphere Hunter” is a channel filled with in-depth reviews and commentary about classic survival horror videogames, with an emphasis on “Resident Evil”. Seriously, it is so cool to see a channel themed around this type of game and this is the kind of simultaneously fascinating and relaxing channel that can easily be binge-watched.

– “Ink Ribbon” is another channel for fans of classic survivial horror videogames. With slightly shorter vidoes and a bit more of a comedic sensibility, this is a channel that you’ll be surprised that you haven’t heard of before.


Anyway, I hope that this was interesting 🙂

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