Today’s Art (3rd June 2017)

Woo hoo! I am very proud to present the third comic in “Damania Revelry”, a new webcomic mini series which is also a partial remake of an old story arc from 2013 (if you don’t mind my crappy old artwork, the original story arc can be read here, here and here ).

Links to many more recent comics can also be found on this page.

Yes, this comic was originally going to be a broadside against this particular (UK) law from last year. However, I eventually ended up taking a slightly more nuanced and realistic look at the subject and how some of the people who dislike the law often have somewhat rose-tinted memories of the effects (or lack thereof) and/or pleasantness (or lack thereof) of the average (formerly) legal herbal offerings from the hippie shops, festival stalls etc… a few years ago.

As usual, this comic update is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Damania Revelry - Authentic" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Damania Revelry – Authentic” By C. A. Brown

Editorial Cartoon: It’s Election Season… Again

Well, after the Prime Minister’s shock announcement yesterday, I just had to make a political cartoon about the fact that there’s going to be yet another spring/summer election this year (there was the Scottish referendum in 2014, the general election in 2015 and the EU referendum last year). It almost seems to be becoming an annual event!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have room to include the Greens or the SNP in this cartoon. But, to be honest, neither of them have a vague chance of winning the election (yes, the SNP might win almost all of the seats in Scotland again, but they’ll never get an overall majority, given their limited focus on just one country of the UK).

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Editorial Cartoon – It’s Election Season… Again” By C. A. Brown

Today’s Art (2nd March 2017)

Villainy! Melodrama! This is the fourth comic in “Damania Repressed” and, although I’m hoping that this mini series will be fairly self-contained – it follows on from the events of this mini series (which, in turn, follows on from this one). Links to more mini series can also be found on this page.

As regular readers of this site probably know, I tend to make these comics ridiculously far in advance. So, this comic update was originally made about a week and a half after the shocking EU Referendum result was announced. It was about the first time I could put my feelings about this disasterous decision into a cartoon. So, sorry about the heavy-handed politics/satire in this comic.

As usual, this comic update is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Damania Repressed - Monolgue" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Damania Repressed – Monolgue” By C. A. Brown

Editorial Cartoon: “Dangerous People”

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Editorial Cartoon - Dangerous People" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Editorial Cartoon – Dangerous People” By C. A. Brown

Although I often try to avoid politics (let alone international politics) on this blog, I just had to make a political cartoon about recent political events in America. Although this cartoon won’t exactly change the world, it was one of those moments where (if slightly belatedly) I felt strongly compelled to express a moral opinion about current affairs.

The fact that Trump could so casually cause chaos and fear for many families in America, that he could be so callous towards courageous Iraqi interpreters who have helped American troops (at great personal risk), that he bizarrely believes that Syrian refugees somehow pose a security threat [eg: They’ve been forced to flee from violent religious extremists. They probably hate both violence and the extremists even more than everyone else does!] etc.. is deeply chilling, regardless of who you may be. Trump’s preference for ruling by decree executive order and his willingness to ban people based purely on their place of birth is worrying for everyone, regardless of nationality or political views.

Likewise, in the UK, this decree executive order led to a situation where one of our most respected Olympic athletes, Sir Mo Farah, worried whether he’d be able to see his family living in the US. Where a member of parliament feared that he’d be unable to visit family members studying in the US. And where a vet from Glasgow was stranded in an airport in Costa Rica due to not being allowed a transit visa via the US. How any President could be deranged enough to think that these respectable Britons pose any kind of “security risk” is completely beyond me.

There was a lot of fanfare and press attention about the fact that Trump had moved the bust of Churchill back into the Oval Office. But, after this order, it seems clear that Trump has no sense of history. I mean, despite Churchill’s imperial past and conservative opinions, he was most famous for opposing things like extreme nationalism, undemocratic rule by decree etc…

Likewise, Trump’s order also means that the author/illustrator of one of the truly great graphic novels that I’ve read (“Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi) could also potentially be banned from the US. Why any country would deny entry to such a talented writer/artist is completely beyond me. Hell, one of the things that reading this comic taught me was that – even in despotic countries with strict, fanatical governments – most people who live there are just ordinary people. Ordinary people who like to have fun, to listen to music, to fall in love and to dream. It’s a graphic novel that Trump and his cabinet would do well to read.

In Trump’s own words, all of this is extremely. Sad.

Editorial Cartoon: “Optimism”

…And I thought that Brexit was bad! Seriously, I’d planned not to say anything about the American election but when I looked at BBC News this morning and saw which way the results in the US were leaning, my first reaction was to utter a single four-letter word. My second reaction was to think “I have to make a cynical editorial cartoon!“.

Given how miserable I’d been feeling about Brexit yesterday and, given the choice between laughing at the horrible, unthinkably dystopian direction these parts of the world seem to be taking, or actually thinking about it seriously, I chose the former. Hence the cartoon.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Editorial Cartoon - Optimism" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Editorial Cartoon – Optimism” By C. A. Brown

Editorial Cartoon: “Tomb Raider” Turns 20

Well, about three quarters of an hour ago, I was randomly reading the news when I read that “Tomb Raider” turns 20 today. Naturally, I just had to make a quick cartoon to commemorate the occasion.

Whilst I’ve only played the first two “Tomb Raider” games (and the demo for the third one), hearing about the franchise again suddenly brought back a lot of 90s nostalgia. I remember playing the demo of Tomb Raider 3 on one of the computers in a computer shop whilst my parents were browsing. I remember the training level on “Tomb Raider 1” and how the PC version came in an absolutely giant CD case, with a CD of bonus levels that I never got round to playing.

But, most of all, I remember “Tomb Raider 2”. I remember playing it on a windows 95 computer [Edit: or was it Windows 98?]. I remember the silly cheat code that caused Lara Croft to explode. I remember playing the demo before I got the full version, and learning that if I pressed one of the function keys, all of the textures would disappear and everything in the game would look like an ice sculpture. I remember the annoying platforming. I remember the flares and the tiger in the first level. I remember the melodramatic cutscenes and I vaguely remember getting completely stuck on the “Venice” level.

Hell, even the mouse mat that I’m using with this computer is a really old and chipped one with a “Tomb Raider” design. If I remember rightly, I actually got it free with a games magazine I bought when I was a kid. It’s been sitting there for literally years and, surprisingly, I only really thought about “Tomb Raider” when I read the news article.

So much nostalgia! And I’d almost forgotten about it! So, I just had to make a cartoon – although it ended up going in a much more “realistic” (and sillier) direction than I had initially expected.

Since this is fan art, this cartoon is NOT released under a creative commons licence of any kind.
[EDIT: I’ve also just replaced the cartoon with a version that has slightly better shading.]

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Tomb Raider Turns 20" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Tomb Raider Turns 20” By C. A. Brown

Today’s Art (13th August 2016)

Woo hoo! My long-running “Damania” webcomic series has been resurrected for yet another mini series 🙂 You can catch up on the previous mini series here, here, here and here. Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow night 🙂

Yes, today’s comic is a cynical political cartoon. As regular readers probably know, I tend to make my art and comics quite far in advance and, the morning before I made this comic, I read this article about yet another British debate which had been censored before it even began.

The irony here is that the person who refused to debate is a left-wing NUS LGBT officer and the person she refused to share a platform with wasn’t some goose-stepping far-right extremist and/or some frothing fundamentalist, but none other than the one and only Peter Tatchell. Perhaps the most famous LGBT rights & human rights activist in current British history!

The reasons for this informal censorship were apparently because Peter Tatchell openly supported the right to free speech for a few narrow-minded people that he strongly disagrees with (and whom I strongly disagree with too). This NUS officer doesn’t seem to realise that free speech is for everyone or it’s for no-one. Democracy is based on debate, and debate requires free speech. I really hope that these modern “liberals” don’t end up in parliament in the future, since they’ll be in for quite a shock.

But, yes, it made me think of my debating days at university [a different one to the one in the news article] less than a decade ago (plus, I couldn’t resist the idea of drawing Harvey debating).

Back then, thankfully just before all of this modern hyper-censorious silliness really seriously took hold, the debating society was a place where people could put forward ludicrously controversial private motions just for the hell of it, and where you were just as likely to be arguing for the other side. It was the opposite of a modern “safe space” (which did exist back then, but it was only at the LGBT society’s events. Even then, it seemed like a rather novel thing) and it was an exhilerating thing.

But, yeah, with debates being constantly shut down by “liberals”, of all people, I despair for the future of democracy in this country. Hence this satirical cartoon.

As usual, this comic update is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Damania Resurrected - Master Debaters" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Damania Resurrected – Master Debaters” By C. A. Brown