Editorial Cartoon: “Britain, THIS Is Why We Cannot Have Nice Things”

"Britain, THIS Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" By C. A. Brown

“Britain, THIS Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” By C. A. Brown

Although I try to keep politics out of this blog most of the time, I make an exception when it comes to the subject of free speech and censorship for the simple reason that official censorship damages creativity and can have a chilling effect on the kinds of things that writers, artists, film-makers etc.. can create.

Anyway, I read this article on Melonfarmers [ slightly NSFW] earlier and I’m currently watching a Youtube video that explains the situation too.

Basically, a UK-based political commentary show called “The UK Column” on Youtube (and I don’t know whether it’s a left or right wing show and I don’t care, free speech is free speech) has been censored by The Authority For Television On Demand (eg: they started to demand licence fees and that the channel submitted to their regulation) because ATVOD claims that the Youtube channel is “Television like” or something like that.

Supposedly we have “free speech” in Britain. But we really don’t! When the government starts meddling in political discussion on the internet, then we might as well abandon all pretence of being a democracy!

Luckily written articles and editorial cartoons are out of ATVOD’s reach for the time being, but it’s probably just a matter of time given how no-one in authority in the UK seems to really give a damn about free speech.