Top Ten Articles – August 2019

Well, it’s the end of the month and this means that it’s time for me to collect a list of the ten best articles about writing, making comics, reading books etc.. that I’ve posted here over the past month (As usual, I’ll also include a few honourable mentions too).

Despite being busy with various things, this month’s articles turned out better than I expected. Not only that, I also managed to review thirteen novels this month too – my favourites were probably: “Cabal” by Clive Barker, “Kill The Dead” by Tanith Lee, “Anno Mortis” by Rebecca Levene, “Meddling Kids” by Edgar Cantero and “Lies, Damned Lies, And History” by Jodi Taylor.

Anyway, here are the lists, enjoy 🙂

Top Ten Articles – August 2019:

– “Three Ways To Make Familiar Horror Monsters Scarier
– “One Essential, But Overlooked, Element Of Fantasy Fiction – A Ramble
– “Four Reasons To Read Books By Lots Of Different Authors
– “The One Time You Should Avoid Writing Advice – A Ramble
– “Three Random Tips For Making Your Zombie Story Stand Out From The Crowd
– “Three Thoughts About Writing Short Fantasy Fiction
– “Three Benefits And Downsides Of Reading A Lot
– “One Way To Improve The Filler Comics In Your Webcomic
– “Three More Thoughts About How To Make Zombie Stories Scary
– “Three Lessons Writers Can Learn From 1980s Horror Fiction

Honourable Mentions:

– “Three Awesome Reasons Why Books Are Rebellious
– “When Is It Ok To ‘Break The Rules’ In Your Writing?
– “Small Recaps Are Useful For Your Readers! Use Them! – A Ramble

Top Ten Articles – August 2018

Well, it’s the end of the month and this means that it’s time for me to do my usual thing of providing a list of links to the ten best articles about making art, writing fiction and/or making webcomics that I’ve posted here over the past month (plus a few honourable mentions too).

All in all, this month has been a reasonably good one in terms of articles, even if I was also busy with lots of stuff. Still, there ended up being slightly more reviews posted here than I’d initially planned (then again, this seems to be something of a trend here these days).

Anyway, here are the lists 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Top Ten Articles – August 2018:

– “One Basic Way To Get The Size Of Everything In Your Drawing Or Painting Right
– “When A Story Fails At The Last Minute – A Ramble
– “Three Basic Reasons Why Nostalgia Turns Up In Creative Works A Lot
– “When A Short Story Turns Out Badly – A Ramble
– “Three Things To Do If You Worry That Your Art Is Getting Worse
– “When Your Art Style Gets In The Way – A Ramble
– “One Benefit Of Creative Limitations
– “When Nostalgia Isn’t Defined – A Ramble
– “Simplification And Storytelling – A Ramble
– “Two More Quick Tips For Making Monochrome Art

Honourable Mentions:

– “Make Your Filler Comics Fun (To Make) – A Ramble
– “Two Quick Tips For When Your Artistic Enthusiasm Runs Low
– “Here’s Another Thing Computer And Video Games Can Teach Writers And Artists

Top Ten Articles – August 2017


Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for me to compile my usual list of links to my ten favourite articles about making art, making comics, writing fiction etc… that I’ve posted here during the past month. As usual, I’ll also include a couple of honourable mentions too.

This month was kind of a strange one, since there were far more writing-related articles than usual (mostly because, due to writing these articles in advance, I was also busy writing these short stories whilst preparing this month’s articles).

Likewise, thanks to being busy with other projects, I ended up using recycled title graphics quite a bit this month – although thankfully, the quality of the actual articles didn’t really suffer though. Plus, it also meant that my planned review of “Shadowrun: Dragonfall” has been pushed back even further, since I had been too busy to complete all or most of the game whilst preparing this month’s articles.

Anyway, here are the lists 🙂

Top Ten Articles – August 2017:

– “Three Reasons Why It’s Important To Be “Well Read” (In Written Or Visual Media) If You Are An Artist, Writer etc…
– “Three Tips For Making Minimalist Art (Or, My Interpretation Of It)
– “Three Tips For Finding Your Own Artistic Interpretation Of ‘Retro’
– “Four Ghoulish Tips For Making 1980s-Inspired Horror Artwork
– “Three More Tips For Making Better Paintings When You’re Extremely Tired
– “Three Random Tips For Writing Cyberpunk Comedy
– “Three Basic Tips For Coming Up With Cyberpunk Stories
– “Three Basic Ways To Connect A Group Of Cyberpunk Short Stories
– “Do You Need To Be Tech-Savvy To Write Cyberpunk Fiction?
– “Four Tips For Writing Cyberpunk Fiction Quickly

Honourable mentions:

– “Three Tips For Writing (Cyberpunk) “Flash Fiction” Stories
– “Three Tips For Including Popular Culture In Your Webcomic

Top Ten Articles – August 2015

2015 Artwork Top Ten Articles August

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for me to give you a list of links to the ten best articles about art and/or writing I’ve posted here over the last month (with a few honourable mentions too).

All in all, this has been a surprisingly good month and the quality of my articles this month was – on the whole – a lot better than last month’s were. Hopefully September’s articles will be just as good.

Anyway, in no particular order, here are the lists:

Top Ten Articles For August 2015:

– “Four Tips For Writing An Interesting Zombie Story
– “Skeleton Storytelling – Can It Be Used In Comics And Prose Fiction?
– “When NOT To Use Dialogue In Comics
– “Comics And Hidden Influences
– “Four Reasons Why The Horror Genre Contains So Much Dark Comedy
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Paranormal Detective Stories
– “Three Tips For Creating Good Characters If You Aren’t A Social Person
– “The Joy Of…. Bangsian Fantasy Stories
– “How To Give Your Art A Consistent Aesthetic
– “Good Horror Stories Are Mystery Stories

Honourable Mentions:

– “Ordinary Vs Extraordinary Settings In Horror Fiction
– “Why You Should Make Your Characters Fans of Something
– “Returning To The Horror Genre – A Ramble
– “Two Basic Tips For Drawing or Painting Your Dreams