Today’s Art (29th September 2016)

Well, it’s been quite a while since I made any “Doom II” fan art, so I thought that I’d make some for today. Originally, this was going to be a more “serious” and “dramatic” painting, but as soon as I drew the first Cacodemon in the background, it quickly went in a sillier and more whimsical direction. However, I seem to be terrible at drawing Pain Elementals.

And, yes, the little picture on the sign is a “Brutal Doom” reference (although I have fairly neutral opinions about this mod, the death animation that plays when you get eaten by a Cacodemon is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a computer game).

Since this is fan art, this painting will NOT be released under a Creative Commons licence of any kind.

"Fan Art- Doom II - Flying Monsters" By C. A. Brown

“Fan Art- Doom II – Flying Monsters” By C. A. Brown

Editorial Cartoon: “Timelessly Adorable”

Well, I’m still mildly obssessed with fascinated by all of the previews for the upcoming new “Doom” game (even though my computer is probably nowhere near powerful enough to run it).

Anyway, I found a page of new screenshots from it a while ago and I was surprised to see that one of the screenshots (this one) featured the new design for the “cacodemon” monsters from the classic games.

So much for my previous comment that the monsters in the new game looked generic and not very memorable, the new cacodemon looks absolutely adorable 🙂 And, well, I just had to make this silly parody/fan art cartoon:

(Since this is fan art, this cartoon is NOT released under a Creative Commons licence of any kind).

“Fan Art – Cacodemons (Editorial Cartoon)” By C. A. Brown