Today’s Art (12th December 2016)

Well, I suddenly realised that it had been ages since I last made any fan art. Likewise, it’s been quite a while since I made any fan art based on my favourite film. I am, of course, talking about “Blade Runner“.

This was originally going to be a “serious” fan art painting, but it soon turned into something of a parody instead. Likewise, this painting required a ridiculous amount of digital editing after I scanned the original (which had a much brighter orange/blue colour scheme, no lens flare effects etc…).

Since this is fan art, this painting will NOT be released under a Creative Commons licence of any kind.

"Fan Art - Blade Runner - Deckard Dreams Of Electric Sheep" By C. A. Brown

“Fan Art – Blade Runner – Deckard Dreams Of Electric Sheep” By C. A. Brown