Short Stories – February 2018 :)

Although I plan to write more stories next month (stay tuned for the next one tomorrow night 🙂 ), I thought that I’d take a break tonight in order to compile a list of links to all of the stories I’ve written this month, in case you missed any of them. You can also find links to some of my older story collections on this page too.

Since my return to writing short stories was something of an unplanned thing, I foolishly didn’t prepare a “buffer” of stories in advance. As such, at least a couple of the stories were plagued by writer’s block and didn’t turn out that well.

Even so, I quite like how a few of them turned out and my favourites are probably: “Specimen“, “Temple” and “Wake“.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the links to the stories – enjoy 🙂

Amusements“: This is a random comedy horror short story that I wrote somewhat unexpectedly.

Temple“: This is a short story about abandoned shopping centres, nostalgia, ubiqity, folklore, US pop culture, early 2000s Britain etc..

Off Hours“: This is a mildly comedic “film noir” style story that I wrote whilst experiencing writer’s block.

ESP: This is a short story about someone who develops a psychic connection… to the internet.

Wake: This is a vignette about three university students at a house party. It was more of a random practice piece/literary experiment than anything else, but it’s also something of a mildly comedic nostalgia piece about the 2000s (of all things) too.

Alarm: This is a sci-fi comedy story about space stations and software updates.

Wave: This is a slightly random short story about 1990s nostalgia, car boot sales and a university student trying to write a dissertation proposal. It’s a little bit on the rambling side of things (and it borders on being pretentious “literary fiction”) but it was fun to write.

A Playlist For Suburbia: Well, I had writer’s block. So, I ended up writing this random character study about a guy listening to punk music. And, yes, this ended up being another 1990s nostalgia story.

Specimen: This is a fearful tale of the macabre, with some moments of levity, set during a 19th century anatomy lecture. It’s probably riddled with anachronisms, but it was a lot of fun to write 🙂

Top Ten Articles – February 2017

2017 Artwork Top Ten Articles February

Well, it’s the end of the month, so that means that it’s time for my usual list of links to what I consider to be the ten best articles about making webcomics, making art and/or writing that I’ve posted here over the past month (and possibly a couple of honourable mentions too).

Unfortunately, due to being busy with a couple of upcoming webcomic mini series and due to the hot weather at the time of writing some of this month’s articles (I write them quite a few months in advance), the best articles posted here this month mostly seem to come from the beginning of the month. Still, here’s hoping that March’s articles will be better.

Anyway, here are the lists:

Top Ten Articles – February 2017:

– “Four Awesome Ways To Fail Properly At A Creative Project
– “Three Inspiring Things To Remember When You’re Having A Totally Uninspired Day
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Making Heavy Metal Art
– “Four Reasons Why Tenebrism Is One Of The Coolest Types Of Art ( Both To Make And To Look At)
– “Three Ways To Use The Backgrounds Of Your Webcomic To Stay Motivated
– “Three Tips For Fine Tuning A Comic Idea
– “Three Possible Reasons For Emotional Tone Shifts In Comics (Plus, A Comic Preview)
– “The Five Stages of Making A Webcomic Update (Plus, A Comic Preview)
– “Four Reasons Why The Noir Genre Is So Interesting For Artists
– “Three Tips For Dealing With Moments Of Low Enthusiasm When Making Webcomics

Honourable mentions:

– “Three Very Basic Tips For Compact Storytelling In Comics
– “Three Reasons Why Webcomics, TV shows etc.. Can Go From Self-Contained “Episodes” To Longer Stories

Top Ten Articles – February 2016

2016 Artwork Top Ten Articles February

First of all, happy leap year everyone 🙂 Did you know that, in France, there’s actually a magazine that is only published on the 29th February? Anyway, this site updates far more regularly than that, which brings me on to today’s post.

It’s the end of the month and you know what that means. Yes, it’s time for me to give you a list of ten of my favourite articles about writing, comics and/or art that I’ve posted here this month (as well as a few honourable mentions too). So, let’s get started:

Top Ten Articles For February 2016:

– “Two Tips For When You Need To Focus On A New Creative Project (But You’ve Already Got Several Others Too)
– “Four Cool Things That The Horror Genre Can Do That (Most) Other Genres Can’t
– “Four Ways To Add Humour To Interactive Fiction
– “How To Know When You’ve Had An Inspired Story Or Comic Idea
– “Why Are Gamebooks Such An Overlooked Genre?
– “Five Reasons Why Almost All Artists Make Fan Art
– “How To Use Mysterious Locations In Horror Fiction And Comics
– “You Need More Than A Good Concept To Make Good Art
– “Three Skills You’ll Need If You Want To Paint Or Draw With A Limited Palette.
– “Characterisation In Interactive Fiction

Honourable Mentions:

– “Artist, Writer… Know Thyself!
– “Why You Need To Use Eccentric Characters When Writing Comedy.
– “How To Plan A Gamebook If You Have A Short Creative Attention Span