Introducing Poetry Week (Plus Two Poems)

2015 Artwork Poetry Time and FPS1995 article sketch

I am very proud to introduce “poetry week” on this blog – yes, every article posted here this week will either be about poetry or will actually be poetry (probably a mixture of both new and old poems that I’ve written).

I’m not quite sure why I came up with this idea, but this is the first time that I’ve really done a themed “week” of articles on here, so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

At the moment, I’ve planned to write three articles about poetry and four poem-based posts, but I don’t know if this will change over the coming week or not.

Anyway, to start things off, I’ve written two short poems for today that that I thought that I’d share. Enjoy 🙂

“Time” By C. A. Brown

Ticking away,
seconds and hours,
the universe devours
another moment
without pause.


“FPS 1995” By C. A. Brown

Pixels and sectors,
vertices and vectors,
linedefs and sprites,
split-second fights,
second-rate frights,
Another night in my room,
playing “Doom”.


Anyway, I hope that this was interesting 🙂