Today’s Art (6th December 2018)

Well, it’s been a while since I last made any fan art. And, although I’m not normally that interested in celebrity culture, I was in a bit of a “90s nostalgia” kind of mood (well, more than usual), so I thought that I’d make a painting of some of my favourite stars of the 1990s. And, yes, I probably haven’t got the likenesses even vaguely right.

Since this is fan art, this painting is NOT released under any kind of Creative Commons licence.

“Fan Art – Stars Of The 1990s” By C. A. Brown

Editorial Cartoon – “Fifty Shades of Stupid”

Although I try to keep my cynical opinions off of this blog, I just couldn’t resist making an editorial cartoon as soon as I heard that Hollywood is making a movie adaptation of that “Fifty Shades” novel (seriously, I only read two chapters of it before rolling my eyes and deciding not to read any more).

I guess that the only thing I’ve probably got wrong in this cartoon is the film certificate it’ll probably get in the UK. Seriously, given recent trends, it really wouldn’t surprise me if we get a 10 minute long edited “12A”-rated version over here LOL!

"Fifty Shades of Stupid" By C. A. Brown

“Fifty Shades of Stupid” By C. A. Brown