Review: “Tremors” (Film)

2014 Artwork Tremors review sketch

Well, since I haven’t reviewed anything for a while – I thought that I’d take another look at an old movie called “Tremors“. My dad recommended this film to me when I was a teenager and I vaguely remember watching it on VHS (anyone remember that?) back then.

If my memory serves me correctly, I quite liked it back then – although I slightly preferred the second “Tremors” movie.

Still, after hearing about it again recently, I decided to take another look at it to see whether I’d still like it now that I’m a bit older. And, no, I didn’t like it – I loved it!

“Tremors” is an absolutely hilarious monster movie from the early 90s which stars Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as Val and Earl, two handymen in a small desert town in Nevada which has suddenly come under siege from a horde of giant flesh-eating underground worm-creatures called “graboids”.

Along with a geology student called Rhonda and the rest of the town, Val and Earl have to find a way to stop the monsters before everyone is eaten…

First of all, I cannot overstate just how funny this movie is. When I watched it back when I was a teenager, I was kind of expecting a horror movie – so most of the humour in it went completely over my head.

But, watching it again, I couldn’t stop laughing for at least the first half hour or so. Seriously, this film is worth watching for the hilariously stupid (yet extremely well-written) dialogue between Val and Earl alone.

The funniest character in the movie (and probably the only character to show up in all of the sequels too) is probably Burt Gummer – he’s a paranoid survivalist “gun nut” who is absolutely in his element once the town finally comes under siege by something.

Although he’s a lot funnier in the second “Tremors” movie, Burt still has some absolutely brilliant moments in “Tremors”- like in this clip.

The story in “Tremors” is fairly well-written and it moves along at a fair pace without really getting boring or predictable either. Although I’m not really a film buff, the direction in this film is pretty good too – the dramatic parts are dramatic and the suspenseful parts are suspenseful. Seriously, it’s a fun movie.

Although the special effects in “Tremors” are pretty low-budget, they work surprisingly well. The “graboid” monsters look really cool and they’re probably one of the most unique types of monsters that you’ll ever see in a cheesy “B-movie”.

Not only that, all of the other effects in the film work fairly well too and nothing ever really looks “low-budget”, if this makes sense.

Well, actually it does – but you’ll be having too much fun and laughing too much to really notice.

But, of course, the best thing about this film is that – for want of a better description – it actually has some personality to it. It isn’t the usual ninety minutes (remember when films actually had sensible running times?) of bland “entertainment” that Hollywood cranks out on a regular basis.

“Tremors” is a unique film that you’ll probably remember for quite a while after you’ve seen it – for all the right reasons. In other words, it’s a cult classic.

All in all, “Tremors” is the kind of film that everyone should watch at least once – it’s unique, it’s funny, it’s cheesy and the characters are brilliant. Yes, it’s a dumb monster movie – but it is probably the best dumb monster movie that you’ll ever see.

Seriously, the only other Hollywood monster movie I can think of which even comes close to “Tremors” is probably a film from 2001 called “Evolution“.

If I had to give “Tremors” a rating out of five, it would probably get five.