Top Ten Articles (January 2015)

2015 Artwork Top Ten Articles January

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for me to give you a list of links to my personal top ten articles from this blog over the past month (plus a few honourable mentions too).

All in all, this has been a reasonably good month – although I think that my articles were probably slightly better near the beginning of this month than they were at the end. Still, let’s hope that things improve in February 🙂

Anyway, in no particular order, here’s this month’s top ten articles & honourable mentions 🙂

Top Ten Articles For January 2015:

– “What Is Your ‘Lazy’ Artform?
– “Copyright And Realism In Stories And Art
– “The Stories And Articles That Never Were! (Deleted Scenes)
– “Five Lessons About Creativity And Life That I’ve Learnt From Playing ‘Doom’
– “Four Basic Tips For Making Good Fan Art
– “Four Things To Do If You Feel That Your Art Style Has Stagnated
– “Four Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block When You’ve Got A Deadline
– ” An Artist’s Impression Of Our Imaginations
– “Four Things That Are More Important Than ‘Talent’ Or A Lifetime Of Practice
– “A Geeky Way To Beat Writer’s Block (Plus An Exclusive Drawing)

Honourable Mentions:

– “How To Make Art Every Day – Five Simple Tips
– “In Defence Of ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ Characters (And How To Write Them Well)
– “Spark Your Imagination With Stand-Up Comedy

Best Of The Blog (1st June – 29th June 2014)

2014 Artwork Best Of The Blog 30th June Sketch

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means it’s time for another “Best Of The Blog” post 🙂

To my new readers, this is a monthly feature where I give you a list of links to all of the articles (excluding reviews and art posts) that I’ve written over the past month.

All in all, this has been a surprisingly good month and I’m really proud of most of the articles I’ve written for this month. Stay tuned for more next month 🙂

Anyway, enjoy 🙂

– “Three Ways To Avoid ‘Spectacle Fatigue’ In Your Stories And Comics
– “People Look For Answers In Fiction. Give Them Some.
– “Three Tips For Inventing Fictional Sports
– “Why Do I Use A Creative Commons Licence?
– “The Pros And Cons Of Making An Autobiographical Webcomic
– “Approach Your Art With Curiosity (Plus An Exclusive Animation Too)
– “Look Backwards For Inspiration
– “How To Turn Photos Into Fake Pixel Art Using MS Paint
– “The Gates Of The Imagination
– “Five Ways To Make Zombies Scarier
– “Seven Signs That You Might Be An Artist (Comic)
– “What Are The Limitations Of Your Art Style?
– “Making ‘Accidental Comics’
– “Four Reasons NOT To Start A Webcomic
– “Four Subversive Ways To Get Teenagers To Read More Books
– “Feeling Blocked? What Are You Censoring?
– “Three Ways To Combine Sci-Fi And Fantasy (With Examples)
– “On Making Unusual Things Ordinary In Your Stories…
– “Six Reasons Why Books Are Better Than TV Or Film
– “Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Creative Ambitions
– “Three Ways Writers And Artists Can Use The Power Of New Things
– “Three More Ways To Keep Your Art Fresh (With Examples)
– “Why Simple Word Processors Are Awesome
– “Why You Shouldn’t Try To Be The Next [Insert Famous Writer Here]
– “Two Interesting Questions That Sci-Fi And Fantasy Writers Should Ask Themseleves

Best Of The Blog (25th November – 31st December 2013)

2013 Artwork Best Of The Blog 31st December Sketch

Well, it’s been about a month since the last “Best Of The Blog” post, so I thought that I’d make compliation of links to all of the articles (excluding reviews, fiction etc…) I’ve posted since the 24th….

– “Stand-Up Horror – A New Genre? (And How To Perform It).
– “Jokes, The Public Domain and Storytelling.
– “Creating Without Thinking.
– “Feeling Uninspired? Make The Projects You’d Never Dare To Make.
– “Why Reading Helps You To Be More Creative.
– “Creativity, Time And Place.
– “My Views On Fan Fiction And Fan Art (And My Fan Art Policy).
– “Fiction And Art – An Anarchic Space?
– “Be A Creative ‘Outlaw’.
– “What To Do On Mediocre Days.
– “Can’t Think Of What To Draw? Start With A Story.
– “Three Reasons To Read About Other Forms Of Creativity.
– “Comics – The Story And Characters Are More Important Than The Art.
– “Want To Write A Novel Or Make A Comic? Start Small.
– “How To Avoid Making Your Sci-Fi Stories Sound Dated In The Future.
– “How Memorable Is Your Story?
– “Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Creative Shadow.
– “Reverse-Engineering Your Favourite Art, Comics, Novels etc…
– ” Being ‘In The Zone’ – Blessing Or Reflection?
– “Losing Enthusiasm For Your Art? Add Some Action To It.
– “Is Predictability A Good Thing In Stories?