Today’s Art (19th June 2017)

Well, today’s animation was kind of interesting. Originally, it was a digitally-edited painting – which was something of an experimental painting (where I tried out a couple of new techniques [like adding ink after adding paint]), that didn’t turn out too well. So, I decided to turn it into an animation.

Originally, this animation was also going to contain rain too, but this didn’t look too good – so I left it out.

As usual, all three of the paintings and/or animations in this post are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Neon City Experiment" By C. A. Brown

“Neon City Experiment” By C. A. Brown

Copyright Free/ Public Domain Neon Graphics

2014 Artwork Neon Images Sketch

Well, since I couldn’t think of an idea for an article today, I thought that I’d make some cool neon-style inverted colour graphics domain in case they’re useful to anyone. You can use these graphics for your website, videogame, T-shirt designs etc… Basically, anything you want.

These seven images are released without copyright/ under a Creative Commons – Public Domain licence.

2014 Public Domain Flames

2014 Artwork Public Domain Link Button

2014 Artwork Public Domain Home Button

2014 Artwork Public Domain Cocktail Glass

2014 Artwork Public Domain Yin Yang

2014 Public Domain Palm Tree Beach

2014 Artwork Public Domain Cards