New Horror Comic On “PekoeBlaze Uncut”

A (slightly edited) detail from page one of "Many Things"

A (slightly edited) detail from page one of “Many Things”

Well, since it’s Halloween, I thought that I’d post a fairly gruesome three-page zombie comic called “Many Things” on my second blog, PekoeBlaze Uncut [NSFW].

I made “Many Things” a couple of weeks ago and it took about three hours to make (and I got through about a quarter of a black pencil and half the ink in my pen when I made it LOL!!) I’m seriously proud of the art in it, although the story is slightly on the cliched side.

Anyway, if you like horror comics and/or zombies, then it can be found here.

Happy Halloween 🙂

Introducing “PekoeBlaze Uncut”

Detail from an exclusive drawing which will be released on "PekoeBlaze Uncut" sometime in early October.

Detail from an exclusive drawing which will be released on “PekoeBlaze Uncut” sometime in early October.

Since I try to write this blog for a fairly general audience, there are occasionally articles, drawings, comics etc… which I decide not to publish on here, since they would probably be “inappropriate” for this site.

Well, rather than letting them languish in my sketchbooks and on my computer, I’ve decided to set up a blog called “PekoeBlaze Uncut” to publish all the things I create which are too risqué for this site.

Unlike this site, “PekoeBlaze Uncut” probably won’t be updated daily or on any kind of regular schedule. So, at most, it’ll probably be updated every couple of days.

So, yes, “PekoeBlaze Uncut” is a site for more mature readers (to use an American analogy – this site is fairly “PG-13” and the uncut site is fairly “R-rated”) and it is almost certainly Not Safe For Work. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….