Today’s Art (20th March 2017)

Well, today’s digitally-edited painting was probably slightly inspired by the fact that I ended up watching this cool (but slightly NSFW/sleazy) pirate-themed heavy metal music video a while before I started painting. The aesthetic of the painting is probably more influenced by old American horror comics and AFI’s “Black Sails In The Sunset” album though.

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Sail Ahoy!" By C. A. Brown

“Sail Ahoy!” By C. A. Brown


Today’s Art ( 9th June 2014)

Well, I felt like drawing a random pirate (probably because I was listening to this ridiculously catchy song) and then the rest of today’s painting just kind of evolved from there.

Since this painting will probably end up on DeviantART before it ends up here, I thought that I’d provide the lineart for this painting as a blog exclusive.

As usual, these two images are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Modern Life Sucks" By C. A. Brown

“Modern Life Sucks” By C. A. Brown

And here’s the lineart:

"Modern Life Sucks (Lineart)" By C. A. Brown

“Modern Life Sucks (Lineart)” By C. A. Brown

Today’s Art (28th February 2014)

Well, I made one watercolour pencil painting and one ordinary drawing for today. Since I kind of had a serious case of artist’s block, both pictures ended up being fairly random.

As usual, both of these pictures are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Pirates At Sunset" By C. A. Brown

“Pirates At Sunset” By C. A. Brown

I ended up painting/drawing “Pirates At Sunset” after taking a break and playing “Pirate Doom” for a while when I couldn’t think of anything to draw or paint. I’m really proud of how this painting turned out (especially the shadows in it – it almost looks 3D 🙂 ), even if it does look slightly stylised and cheesy.

"1996" By C. A. Brown

“1996” By C. A. Brown

Well, I was originally going to paint a copy of this old Degas painting. But, when I started sketching and inking it, it turned out absolutely terribly. So, I abandoned this idea and, a while later, I ended up drawing “1996” instead.