“Acolyte!” An Interactive Horror/Comedy Story :)

2015 Artwork Acolyte! Cover poster version

Well, thanks to a combination of enthusiasm and insomnia, I am very proud to announce that the secret project I mentioned earlier has now been published online and should be viewable. So much for waiting until Halloween…

It’s a free online interactive horror/comedy story called “Acolyte!“. If you remember playing “Choose Your Own Aventure”, “Fighting Fantasy” and/or “Give Yourself Goosebumps” gamebooks when you were a kid, you’ll feel right at home here.

Although I should warn you, this gamebook is a lot more cynical (and challenging) than the ones you played back in the 90s. In fact, it’s pretty much a parody of these books.

If you want to jump right in, then you can start right here.

If you get stuck, then there are two (two!) walkthroughs here.

Have fun … and good luck, you’re going to need it 🙂