Old Pages (2013-2014)

Well, since the “pages” bar was getting kind of cluttered, I thought that I’d condense the information/ links from three unused pages into one shorter page.

Ambitus: This was a short-lived series of sci-fi/comedy novelettes that I wrote in 2013. Although I really enjoyed writing this series, and still consider it to be one of the best things I’ve written this decade, it kind of lost momentum after just two novelettes.

Liminal Rites: This was a badly-written 30,000 word novella that I wrote in a single month, just to see if I could.

– “Pekoeblaze Uncut” [NSFW]: This was an experiment of mine in 2013-14, where I had a separate blog that I used to post things that I considered to be too “edgy” or “risque” for this blog (eg: nude paintings, political articles, articles about writing more *ahem* risque types of fiction etc..). Although it fell into disuse in early-mid 2014, it’s intended for mature audiences only.