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Well, since it might be hard to find older articles on this site (especially since the “Best Of The Blog” section of this blog is spread across several posts and hidden on the category index), I thought that I’d create an list/ non-alphabetised index of links to every article on this site (excluding reviews etc..).

This index will probably be updated every month or whenever I make another “Best Of The Blog” post.

[NOTE – As of September 2014, only the articles that appear in my monthly “Top Ten articles” posts will appear on this list (as well as any “honourable mentions” on these lists too).

Sorry about this, but since there’s a limit to the number of posts I can schedule in advance (and I tend to write my articles 1-2 months quite a few months before I post them on here), I have to save most of my articles as drafts instead. As such, it’s only practical for me to get functional links to about half of the articles I plan to publish in a particular month.]


“Geek Out About Your Stories”
“One Old Rule About Beginning A Story”
“Getting Things Past The Censor”
“Eight Ways To Beat Creative Blocks”
“Emotions And Creativity”
“DIY Worlds – The Advantages of Creating Your Own Settings”
“The Seeds Of Stories”
“How To Recycle Your Failures”
“Creating And Including ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ In Your Sci-fi and Fantsy Stories”
“Should You ‘Write From Experience’?”
“Six Ways To Fuel Your Creativity”
“Some Thoughts About Writing And Drawing Filler”
“Creative Role Models And Inspiration”
“How To Give Your Story Or Comic That Special Quality”
“Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment Creatively”
“Some Tips And Tricks For Writing Good Horror Fiction”
“How And Why You Should Add Crossovers To Your Story and/or Comic”
“The Pros and Cons Of Writing a Fiction/Comic series”
“Should I draw My Comic in Colour or Black & White/Greyscale?”
“What Is The Soundtrack To Your Story?”
“Finding Your Own Narrative Voice”
“Why You Should Develop Your Own Art Style And How To Do It”
“Dancing With Your Story or Comic”
“Why You Should Shun The Mainstream”
“Three Reasons To Find The Themes Of Your Stories”
“Genres Are Like Elements – Mix Them!”
“Webcomics: Quantity and Quality (Yes, you can have both)”
“How To Write Longer Stories and Comics (If you prefer to write shorter ones)”
“See Your Poetry As Motion”
“Writing Dream Scenes In Stories And Comics”
“What Panel Layout Should I Use In My Webcomic?”
“One Tried And Tested Rule For Starting Your First Webcomic”
“Keep Your Creativity Fully-Charged With Multiple Projects”
“Designing Webcomic Characters”
“Adding Easter Eggs To Your Comic And/Or Story”
“Comics: The Poor Artist’s Film?”
“Comic Backgrounds For Beginners”
“Leave Room For Distractions In Your Comic Or Story”
– “One Strange Way To Beat Writer’s Block
– “Six Ways To Come Up With Good Chapter Titles
– “One Simple Test To See If Your Poetry Is Good Or Not
– “Past vs. Present Tense In Fiction And Poetry
– “Five Tips For Writing An Episodic/Serialised Story
– “Suggest More Than You Show In Your Drawings
– “Four Tips For Writing Surreal/Bizarro/Slipstream Fiction
– “One Trick For Starting A New Chapter If You’ve Got Writer’s Block
– “On Redrawing Your Old Art
– “Let Your Art Evolve (And Follow Your Random Ideas)
– “See Your Drawings As Moments In Time
– “One Simple Trick To Beat Creative Burnout
– “Writing Comedy In Webcomics
– “How ‘Damania’ Began…
– “How To Come Up With Mysterious Metaphors And Strange Similes
– “See ‘Writer’s Block’ As A Puzzle Rather Than A Curse
– “Use Nostalgia In Your Stories And Comics
-“Creating Article/Comic Buffers For Blogs And Webcomics
-“What To Do If You Slow Down In The Middle Of Your Story
-“Adding A Plot Twist To Your Story? Foreshadow It!.”
-“Avoiding Repetitive Sentence Openings In First-Person Narration
– “Drawing 3D Scenery For Beginners
-“Disillusionment Is A Good Part Of The Creative Process
-“How To Be Creative During The Apocalypse
-“Five Things To Do If Your Story Is Going Round In Circles
-“Six Tips For Writing Dialogue
-“Five Things To Do When All Your Art Starts Looking The Same
-“Should I Include A Romantic Sub-Plot In My Story?
-“Writing In A Different Genre?
-“Should You Base Your Characters On Real People?
– “Should You ‘Close The Bedroom Door’ In Your Stories?
– “Find Your Creative Timeframe (And Use It To Your Advantage)
-“How Gruesome Should Your Story Be?
-“Five Tips For Writing Gothic Fiction
-“Seven Tips For Writing Good Parodies
-“Nine Reasons Your Story Isn’t Going Well” (comic)
-“Six Tips For Learning How To Draw
– “Think Of Your Chapters Like Scenes From A Film (Or A TV Show)
– “Six Reasons Why Drawing Is Better Than Painting
“Five Ways To Avoid Cheesy Fake Product Names In Your Story Or Comic”
– “Three Ways To Write A Cool Story
– “How To Know When You’ve Found Your Own Art Style
– “How To Find Random Things To Add To Your Story
– “Five Basic Tips For Your First Comic
– “Writing A Depressing Story? Balance It Out
– “Some Thoughts About Morality And Storytelling
– “Six Tips For Making Interactive Stories/Gamebooks
– “Three Ways To Turn A Stock Character Into An Interesting Character
– “Four Tips For Writing A Spin-Off (For The First Time)
– “Five Tips For Writing Dystopic Fiction
– “Five Tips For Starting Your Webcomic (comic)
– “How To Draw Something You’ve Never Drawn Before
– “Four Things To Do If Your Comedy Story Is Getting Less Funny
– “Four Things Writers Can Learn From Videogames
– “Six Things That Are Wrong With Your Horror Story (comic)
– “What Emotions Will Your Story Evoke?
– “Drawing With Coloured Pencils
– “Can You Call Yourself An ‘Artist?‘”
– “Using Reference Photos For Your Drawings (With Examples… And Zombies)
– “Six Benefits Of Being A Self-Taught Artist
– “How The Best Stories Start Life
– “Six Ways To Feel Like A Significant Creative Person
– “Find Your Weirdness And You’ll Find Your Inspiration
– “Five Tips For Writing A Good Zombie Story
– “Four Things Artists Can Learn From Pamela Colman Smith
– “Some Random Thoughts On Self-Censorship And Creative Blocks
– “Using Simple Lines In Your Drawings
– “Five Things That Artists Can Learn From Hokusai
– “Six Tips For Writing Lovecraftian Fiction
– “Five Tips For Writing Rebellious Characters
– “Why Creativity?
– “Six Tips For Finding Your Non-Fiction Narrative Voice
“What To Do If You Have A Great Idea For A Movie/TV Series/Album etc.. But Can’t Make One (With A Handy Conversion table)”
“How To Create Something Influential”
“How To Turn Ordinary Pictures Into “3D” Stereoscopic Images Using MS Paint”
“Should You Plan Your Drawings ?”
“Making ‘Fast Art'”
“Four Tips To Beat Non-Fiction Writer’s Block”
“Rarity, Creativity And The Internet”
“Should You Release Things You’ve Created Into The Public Domain?”
“Using Out Of Copyright/Public Domain Stuff In Your Art & Stories”
“Should A Series Be Consistent ?”
“Finding Your Distinctive Artistic Vision”
“Six Basic Tips For Writing Thriller Stories”
“Three Basic Tips For Writing Story Arcs In Webcomics”
“The Pros And Cons Of Putting Most Of What You Create Online”
“Creative Unenthusiasm? Find New Ways To Think About Your Creative Projects.”
“How To Make ‘Rotoscoped’ Pictures Using MS Paint”
“Drawing Self-Portraits (With Examples)”
“Drawing From Life – Some Basic Tips”
“Six Basic Ways To Cover Up Mistakes In Your Drawings (With Scribbled Examples)”
“Feeling Uncreative? Try This Exercise”
“Five Basic Tips For Writing Flash Fiction”
– “Stand-Up Horror – A New Genre? (And How To Perform It).
– “Jokes, The Public Domain and Storytelling.
– “Creating Without Thinking.
– “Feeling Uninspired? Make The Projects You’d Never Dare To Make.
– “Why Reading Helps You To Be More Creative.
– “Creativity, Time And Place.
– “My Views On Fan Fiction And Fan Art (And My Fan Art Policy).
– “Fiction And Art – An Anarchic Space?
– “Be A Creative ‘Outlaw’.
– “What To Do On Mediocre Days.
– “Can’t Think Of What To Draw? Start With A Story.
– “Three Reasons To Read About Other Forms Of Creativity.
– “Comics – The Story And Characters Are More Important Than The Art.
– “Want To Write A Novel Or Make A Comic? Start Small.
– “How To Avoid Making Your Sci-Fi Stories Sound Dated In The Future.
– “How Memorable Is Your Story?
– “Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Creative Shadow.
– “Reverse-Engineering Your Favourite Art, Comics, Novels etc…
– ” Being ‘In The Zone’ – Blessing Or Reflection?
– “Losing Enthusiasm For Your Art? Add Some Action To It.
– “Is Predictability A Good Thing In Stories?
– “Your Art Will Improve Without You Even Knowing It
– “One Cool Trick From The Splatterpunks For Starting Your Horror Novel
– “Do You Doodle A Lot? You May Be An Artist.
– “The Best Revenge Against Your Critics (And A Mantra To Help You Do It)
– “Should You Learn How To Draw Anime/Manga Style Art?
– “Don’t Be Afraid To ‘Cheat’ With Your Art.
– “Enjoy Your Epic Creative Moments
– “One Sneaky Way To Beat Writer’s Block And/Or Artist’s Block
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Writing A Good Prologue
– “Why Copyright Terms Should Be Reduced To Twenty Years From Publication“.
– “Keep Your Art Fresh By Working In Different Mediums
– “Four Ways To Tell A Re-Readable Story
– “Copyright-Free/Public Domain Neon Graphics”
– “ A [Clueless] Rebuttal To Charles Thomson’s ‘The Art That Damien Hirst Stole’
– ” What Can Music Videos Teach Us About Making Comics (With Examples)
– “My Thoughts On Co-Writing
– “One Essential Ingredient For Writing A Great Thriller Story (And How To Use It)
– “Can Videogames Be Converted Into Other Formats (eg: Art, Fiction etc..)?
– “Feel Connected To Your Art Style By Drawing Fan Art
– “The Story May Be Different, But The Emotions Are The Same.
– “Three Ways To Feel Proud Of Your Work
– “Picking Up A ‘Creative Accent’ And Finding Your Narrative Voice
– “Feeling Uninspired? Find Your Creative Roots
– “Three Reasons Why You Should Use Your Initials When Signing Your Work
– “Four Basic Tips For Writing Cyberpunk Fiction
– “Try Creating Things The Old-Fashioned Way
– “Three Basic Tips For Making Something ‘So Bad That It’s Good’
– “Out Of Ideas? Find A New Twist On An Old Idea
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Bringing A Classic Story Up To Date
– “Is ‘Fanservice’ A Good Or A Bad Thing In Comics?
– “The Best Free Resource For Artists
– ” Failure Can Be A Sign That You’re Improving
– “A Quick Alternative To Masking Fluid For Small Patterns In Watercolour Pencil Paintings
– “You Know You’re An Artist When…
– “Fiction As A Holiday
– “How To Turn Youtube Procrastination Into Artistic Talent (With An Example)
– “My Thoughts On The New BBFC Guidelines
– ” Six Ways To Feel Like A Creative Genius
– ” Three Basic Tips For Writing Convincing Villains
-“Forget The Conventional ‘Success’ Narrative
“Three Emergency Background Ideas For Drawings and Paintings (With Examples)”
“Writing ‘Invincible’ Characters”
“Seven Very Basic Things I’ve Learnt From Using Watercolour Pencils For Three Months”
“One Paradoxical Way To Get Over Artist’s Block”
“Some Very Basic Tips For Writing Dark Comedy”
“How Often Should You Use Profanity In Your Story Or Comic?”
“Comic Characters And Literary Characters”
“Tracing IS Cheating (And Here’s Why)”
“Thinking In Three Dimensions”
“Comics – The Ultimate Artistic Workout (With Four Examples)”
“Five Reasons Why Adaptations Always Change Things”
“Three Reasons Why Novellas Are Amazing”
“Four Very Basic Tips For Using Alternating Chapters”
“Four Evil Tricks To Keep People Reading Your Story”
“Multiple Choice: What Is Your Favourite Type Of Horror Fiction?”
“Don’t Wait For The Muse (A Cynical Pep Talk)”
“One Quick Trick For Quick Art”
“Show, Don’t Tell”
“Why ‘Explorative Storytelling’ Is Such An Awesome Genre”
“Should You Try To Be Controversial?”
“Keep Going – It All Builds Up”
“The ART of Misdirection (And How To Use It)”
“Test Your Creativity – Salvage Something”
“The Artistic Gamble”
“Are You An Editor? Here’s A Cool Way To Think About Your Job”
– “Five Ways To Build Your Artistic Confidence
– “Five Ways To Explore Your Own Imagination
– “Drawing Or Painting Portraits From Life – Four Very Basic Tips
– “How Autobiographical Should Your Art Be?
– “A Slow Pace Only Works If You Have An Excellent Story To Tell
– “It’s Ok Not To Be Avant-Garde
– “The ‘Uncharted Territory’ Of Your Art Style
– “Ten Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For A Year -Part Two
– “Ten Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For A Year -Part One
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Painting Landscapes From Photos (With An Example)
– “Follow Your Strangeness And You’ll Find Originality
– “Four Tips For Clothing Designs In Comics (With Examples)
– “Your Own Artistic Traditions (And Some Ideas If You Don’t Have Any)
– “Finding And Upgrading Your Own Artistic ‘Templates’
– “Five Things That Sci-Fi Writers Can Learn From ‘Star Trek’
– “Creative ‘Triage’ For Multiple Projects
– “One Surprising Reason Why You Should Look At Other Types Of Art
– “The Illusion Of Detail
– “A Futuristic Way To Kepp Your Fans Interested In Your Stories And Comics
– “Four Sizzling Tips For Writing Spontaneous Stories
– “Writing Something Retro? Don’t Forget The Zeitgeist
– “Should You Learn How To Draw Realistic Art?
– “How To Write A Genuinely Scary Monster Story
– “Another Way To Know Why You’ve Found Your Own Art Style
– “Four Secret Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Learn How To Copy Old Paintings
– “Your Unique Genre
– “How To Tell The Same Story Over And Over Again (And Still Keep People Interested)
“Nude Painting – Four Basic Tips [April Fools’ Day Article]
“The Best Characters Just Kind Of ‘Appear’ “
“Copyright- Free Clipart (Or My Failed Attempt At Making It)”
– “Five Ways of making Your Story Or Comic More Welcoming To Readers”
“The Joy Of… Anachronisms”
“The Joy Of… Having A Creative Attention Span”
“So, ‘Difficult’ Fiction Is Dying? Good Riddance”
“Fiction As A ‘Second World'”
“Writing Subjective Poetry (And An Example Of It)”
“One Cool Thing About Making Parody Art”
“Four Basic Tips For Writing Realistic – Sounding News Articles In Comics And Stories”
“Trying To Learn Image Editing By Messing Around”
” How To Handle Disturbing Themes/Subjects In Your Story”
“Four Ways To Add Value To Your Art and Fiction”
“Four Very Basic Techniques For Drawing Cartoon Hands”
“Liebster Award Post”
“An Uncanny Way To Know When Your Art Might Be Up To A Professional Standard”
“Why You Should Keep Two Sketchbooks (And Never-Seen-Before Pages From My Sketchbooks)”
“An Innovative Way To Think About Your Art Style”
“Four Ways To Make Your Story Shorter”
“Change Your Art Supplies, Change Your Perspective”
“Creating Unreliable Worlds”
“Three Reasons You Should Work In More Than One Creative Medium”
“Six Swift Ways To Become An Artist (If You’re Not An Artist)”
“Can You Use The Pareto Principle For Creating Art And Stories?”
“Take Another Look At Your Old Art”
– “Three Ways To Avoid ‘Spectacle Fatigue’ In Your Stories And Comics
– “People Look For Answers In Fiction. Give Them Some.
– “Three Tips For Inventing Fictional Sports
– “Why Do I Use A Creative Commons Licence?
– “The Pros And Cons Of Making An Autobiographical Webcomic
– “Approach Your Art With Curiosity (Plus An Exclusive Animation Too)
– “Look Backwards For Inspiration
– “How To Turn Photos Into Fake Pixel Art Using MS Paint
– “The Gates Of The Imagination
– “Five Ways To Make Zombies Scarier
– “Seven Signs That You Might Be An Artist (Comic)
– “What Are The Limitations Of Your Art Style?
– “Making ‘Accidental Comics’
– “Four Reasons NOT To Start A Webcomic
– “Four Subversive Ways To Get Teenagers To Read More Books
– “Feeling Blocked? What Are You Censoring?
– “Three Ways To Combine Sci-Fi And Fantasy (With Examples)
– “On Making Unusual Things Ordinary In Your Stories…
– “Six Reasons Why Books Are Better Than TV Or Film
– “Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Creative Ambitions
– “Three Ways Writers And Artists Can Use The Power Of New Things
– “Three More Ways To Keep Your Art Fresh (With Examples)
– “Why Simple Word Processors Are Awesome
– “Why You Shouldn’t Try To Be The Next [Insert Famous Writer Here]
– “Two Interesting Questions That Sci-Fi And Fantasy Writers Should Ask Themseleves
“Literary Taste: How To Find It In The 21st Century (After Bennett)”
“Animation Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult”
“Learn More About Your Art Style By Drawing Celebrity Caricatures (With Examples)”
“Four Cool Things You Can Do In Your Epilogue”
“The Joy Of… Gloomy Art”
“Three Tips For Making Art Or Writing Fiction In A Genre You Hate”
“One Old Trick From The 1990s For Improving Your E-Book Preview”
“It’s Not Enough To Invent Something New”
“Three Sneaky Ways To Spread Out The Good Stuff In Your Story”
“How To Draw An Animal, Any Animal”
“One Thing That Sci-Fi Writers Can Easily Get Wrong”
“A Strange Way To Tap Into Your Artistic Subconscious”
“Why Don’t More Writers Use This Awesome Story Structure?”
“The Joy Of… Distractions”
“Limitations Can Spark The Imagination”
“Three Things To Do When You Can’t Produce Good Art”
“Four Basic Tips For Writing Villainous Protagonists”
“Can’t Think Of A Story Idea? Find Your Values”
“Three Small Ways To Make Your Fans Geek Out About Your Story Or Comic More”
“Three Less Obvious Reasons To Add Easter Eggs To Your Next Project”
“Four Very Basic Tips For Writing A Blurb”
“The Dream Of Greatness – Or, Why Sci-Fi And Fantasy Are So Popular”
“The ‘Artistic Hunt’ – Hugh Brody’s Brilliant Idea”
“Six Ways To Salvage A Ruined Painting Or Drawing”
“Creativity, Art Forms And Simplification”
“Are Heavy Creative Influences A Good Or Bad Thing?”
“The Shape Of A Painting”
– “Four More Tips For Writing And Drawing Filler
– “Don’t Be Afraid Of Producing Random Art
– “My Thoughts About ‘Appropriation Art’
– “Five Tips For Telling Ageless Stories
– “Building A Body Of Work
– “A Freaky Way To Measure Your Level Of Artistic Knowledge
– “Don’t Forget Your Very Early Creative Infleunces
– “Four Ways To Feel Like A Glamourous Artist
– “This Is Why You Can’t Predict Your Audience
– “Remember – You Are Building Daydreams
– “Finding Your Creative Niche
– “Need To Feel Inspired? Write An Awesome List
– “What Are The Most Important Skills An Artist Can Learn?
– “Five Fast Formats For Fast Art
– “Are Complete Stories And Comics Overrated?
– “Intensity And Creativity
– “Seven Useless Sources Of Artistic Inspiration (Comic)
– “Should An Artist Be Consistent In Their Work?
– “Should You Make Digital Or Traditional Art?
– “In Order To Make Great Art, You Have To…
– “Music And Artistic Inspiration
– “How To Draw Interesting Hairstyles
– “Making Political/Editorial Cartoons
– “Why Learning Comic Composition Is Like Accidentally Learning German
– “Why I love Dystopic Science Fiction
– “Find The Main Characters That Work For You
– “Should Writers Try To Pass The Bechdel Test?
– “Interview: Kate Robinson – Author Of ‘Heart of Desire 11.11.11 Redux’
– “How To Add Personality To Your Art
– “Three More Ways To Be Creative Before The Apocalypse
– “Five Cool Little Things About Being An Artist
– “Three Things To Do When You Don’t Have Any Stories To Tell
– “Writing Dystopic Comedy
– “Three Things To Do After You’ve Drawn A Terrible Picture
– “Storytelling As ‘Revenge’
– “Three Ways To Recycle Something You’ve Already Posted Online
– “Should You Write Long Or Short Non-Fiction Articles?
– “How To Write Rhyming Poetry
– “Art And Gender Expression
– “Three Open- Source Drawings Styles For Beginners
– “Art, Writing And Rebellion
– “Writing Splatterpunk Horror Fiction
– “Three Ways To Deal With Uncreative Guilt
– “If You Can Fill ‘Awkward Time’ Your Work Will Be Popular
– “Humour As A Perspective
– “Writing From A Second-Person Perspective
– “How To Work In A Totally New And Undiscovered Genre
– “Cynicism And Artistic Inspiration
– “Four Good Ideas For Shorter Artistic Projects
– “A Very Basic Tip For Drawing Things In Proportion
– “One Quick Tip For Writing Dramatic Death Scenes
– “Basic Tips For Painting Silhouette Landscapes
– “Three Basic Ways To Leave Your Story Open To Sequels And Spin-Offs
– “Six Creative Halloween Costumes For Writers And Artists (Comic)
– “How Gruesome Should Horror Art And Horror Comics Be?
– “The Joy Of… Banned Books
– “Five Ways To Make Quick Last-Minute Artwork
– “How To Add Some Trickery To Your Thriller, Detective And/Or Spy Story
– “Two Reasons Why Regular Webcomic Updates Are Useful When You’re Uninspired
– “The Uncanny – Or, My Conversations With An Artificial Intelligence
– “Should You Include Aliens In Your Sci-Fi Story?
– “How To Adapt Something That Doesn’t Really Have A Story
– “One Quick Question To Spark Your Creativity
– “The Joy Of… Self-Imposed Rules
– “Four Unusual Tips For Writing A Novel Very Quickly
– “Art And Dreams
– “The Joy Of… Alternate Histories
– “Should You Be The Voice Of Your Generation?
– “Should You Use Your Own Nightmares As Inspiration For Horror Fiction?
– “How To Draw Or Paint Things From Memory (With Examples)
– “Five Ways To Find A Title For Your Drawing Or Painting In Less Than A Minute
– “The Joy Of… Body Horror
– “Four Basic Tips For Making Monochrome/ Black & White Art
– “On Romanticising Your ‘Early Days’ As A Writer Or An Artist
– “Four Ways To Give Your Comic A 1990s (or 80s) – Style Look
– “To Fascinate Your Readers, Think About Their Literary ‘Backgrounds’
– “Four Basic Tips For Writing Criminal Protagonists
– “How Important Is Realism In Fiction?
– “Drawing As A Language
– “Four Amazing Artists On Youtube (And Cartoon Portraits Of Them)
– “Four Ways To Be Creative When You’re Really Tired
– “Creative Inspiration For Introverts, Recluses And Other Cool People
– “The Joy Of… Spy Fiction
– “What Is Your ‘Lazy’ Artform?
– “Copyright And Realism In Stories And Art
– “The Stories And Articles That Never Were! (Deleted Scenes)
– “Five Lessons About Creativity And Life That I’ve Learnt From Playing ‘Doom’
– “Four Basic Tips For Making Good Fan Art
– “Four Things To Do If You Feel That Your Art Style Has Stagnated
– “Four Ways To Deal With Writer’s Block When You’ve Got A Deadline
– ” An Artist’s Impression Of Our Imaginations
– “Four Things That Are More Important Than ‘Talent’ Or A Lifetime Of Practice
– “A Geeky Way To Beat Writer’s Block (Plus An Exclusive Drawing)
– “How To Make Art Every Day – Five Simple Tips
– “In Defence Of ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ Characters (And How To Write Them Well)
– “Spark Your Imagination With Stand-Up Comedy
– “Five Types Of Writer’s Block (And How To Deal With Them)
– “Five Quick Ways To Find Character Names
– “Three More Things To Do After You’ve Drawn A Terrible Picture
– “How You Write Or Make Art Is Also Part Of Your Unique ‘Style’
– “Two Very Basic Tips For Making An E-Book Cover (With Examples)
– “ Creating Good Filler Content For Your Webcomic, Blog, Fiction Series etc..
– ” One Quick Way To Get Back Into Making Comics
– ” Psychological Horror Or Traditional Horror – Which Is Scarier?
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Drawing And Painting Realistic Water
– “Three Ways To Make Art Matter To You Again
– “Why Censorship Is Bad For Our Imaginations
– “Painting The Past – A Ramble
– “Four Basic Tips For Making Daily Comics
– “Four Ways To Make ‘Good’ Characters Interesting
– “Five Fun Gimmicks To Spice Up Your Next Comic, Webcomic Entry And/Or Art Series
– “What Is YOUR Version Of Your Favourite Genre?
– “The Joy Of… Horror Comics
– “More Thoughts On How Your Art Style Evolves
– “Two Simple Questions That Will Tell You How Much You Know About Making Art
– “Four Things To Do If Your Comic Is Dying
– “Making Art More Efficiently
– “Monsters Don’t Make Monster Stories Scary… Everything Else Does
– “How To Make Your Readers Feel Like They Belong
– “How To Make Your Audience Suspend Their Disbelief
– “There Are No Jump Scares In Horror Novels – A Ramble
– “What Is ‘Artistic Licence’ ? (And How To Use It)
– “Five Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For Two Years
– “Are Step-By-Step Drawing Guides Really The Best Way To Learn?
– “Creating Running Jokes For Your Story Or Comic
– “Three Ways To Get Better At Drawing In Black And White (With Art Preview)
– “Improving A Black And White Drawing (Plus Exclusive Art!)
– “Telling Horror Stories Set During The Day
– “Imagination In Translation – A Ramble
– “What Does ‘Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal’ Actually Mean?
– “Some Sneaky Tricks For Speeding Up Your Comic – A Comic Page Dissection
– “Computer Games And Creative Inspiration
– “Art And Tarot Cards
– “Writing Futuristic Speech
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Making Parody Cartoons (With Examples)
– “Three Basic Tips For Creating Religions For Sci-Fi Comics and Stories
– “Writing Sci-Fi Detective Stories
– “Four Ways To Fake It As A Poet
– “Four Reasons Why Poetry Is Like Painting
– “Why Listening To Cradle Of Filth Can Help You Write Better Poetry
– “Three Reasons Why Some Novels Are Faster To Read Than Others
– “One Thing That Writers Can Learn From Old “Point And Click” Adventure Games
– “More Thoughts About “Hidden” Influences On Your Art Style
– “Can Comics And Stories Have Expansions?
– “What Does “Science Fiction Is Actually About The Present Day” Actually Mean?
– “Random Thoughts About “Style Vs Substance”
– “A Ramble About Word Limits
– “Another Three Ways To Be Creative Before The Apocalypse
– “The One Magic Power That All Artists And Writers (And Some Game Designers) Have
– “Dangerous Settings In Fiction
– “Four Ways To Make Your Story or Comic More Addictive (That I Learnt From Watching “24”)
– “Five Qualities That The Main Character In Your Thriller Story Should Have
– “The Power Of Deadlines (For Artists)
– “One Way To Learn How To Paint Realistic Colours (Using MS Paint)
– “Four Lazy Ways To Be Creative On Lazy Days
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Getting Creative Again If You’re Out Of Practice
– “Should The Main Character In Your Detective Story Be An Official Or An Unofficial Detective?
– “Why Learning B&W Drawing Can Really Useful To Painters
– “Can Artists And Writers Give Their Audiences A Look ‘Behind The Scenes’?
– “You Can’t Copyright A Feeling – My Thoughts On The “Blurred Lines” Verdict
-“Four Basic Ways To Add Hidden Depths And Clues To Your Stories Or Comics
– “How Accurate Should Still Life Paintings Be?
– “Three Basic Tips For Arranging A Still Life Painting
– “Too Many Cooks – A Ramble
– “Five Things To Do When Your Art Feels Lifeless
– “Three Basic Ways To Create A Mythos In Your Stories And/Or Comics
– “Three Ways To Add “Fridge Horror” To Your Horror Story
– “One Exercise I Learnt At University That Seriously Improved My Writing
– “Sometimes You Just Need To Change Something Small To Get Inspired Again
– “Three Things To Do If Writer’s Block Strikes In The Middle Of Your Story Or Comic (That I Learnt From Playing Computer Games)
– “The Joy Of… Notebooks
– “The Joy Of… Inventive Adaptations
– “Re-Visiting An Old Art Instruction Book
– “Creative Inspiration And Emotional Connection
– “Four Tips For Writing An Interesting Zombie Story
– “Skeleton Storytelling – Can It Be Used In Comics And Prose Fiction?
– “When NOT To Use Dialogue In Comics
– “Comics And Hidden Influences
– “Four Reasons Why The Horror Genre Contains So Much Dark Comedy
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Paranormal Detective Stories
– “Three Tips For Creating Good Characters If You Aren’t A Social Person
– “The Joy Of…. Bangsian Fantasy Stories
– “How To Give Your Art A Consistent Aesthetic
– “Good Horror Stories Are Mystery Stories

– “Ordinary Vs Extraordinary Settings In Horror Fiction
– “Why You Should Make Your Characters Fans of Something
– “Returning To The Horror Genre – A Ramble
– “Two Basic Tips For Drawing or Painting Your Dreams
– “Rites Of Passage In Fiction
– “Six Basic Tips For Writing Reviews
– “Four Basic Tips For Writing “Shock Scenes” In Splatterpunk Horror Stories
– “Three Observations About Making Title Cards For Podcasts On Youtube
– “The Joy Of… Pixel Art
– “Can You Lose Your Narrative Voice?
– “Four Thoughts About Making Noir Comics, Fiction And Art
– “Three Tips For Creating Interesting Sci-Fi Weapons In Fiction And Comics
– “Five Basic Tips For Writing Fictional Speeches
– “Five Tips For Designing Futuristic Fashions
– “Four Reasons Why Genre Fiction Is Better Than Literary Fiction
– “Has The Internet Made Art More Prudish?
– “Four Time Management Tips For Writing And Making Art
– “Three Things You Learn From Making Art Every Day (With Art Preview)
– “Three Tips For Writing Sci-Fi Political Drama
– “What Can ‘All Along The Watchtower’ Teach Us About Minimalist Storytelling?
– “Three Twisted Ways To Make Your Horror Comic Disturbing (And Why They Work)
– “Four Reasons To Include Unfashionable or Strange Clothing Designs In Your Art
– “Three More Tips For Drawing And Painting From Memory Alone
– “What Can We Learn From Roy Lichtenstein?
– “Three Basic Thoughts About Writing Epic Space War Storylines In Sci-Fi Stories And Comics
– “The Joy Of…. Hedonistic Characters
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Creating Fictional Historical Ephemera (In Comics And Stories)
– “Some Thoughts On Learning How To Type Quickly
– “The Power Of An Art Style
– “Find Your Own Definition Of Rebellion – A Ramble
– “Four Basic Tips For Making Minimalist Comics
– “One Cool Way To Get Inspired Again
– “Three Sneaky Ways To Make Your Readers Feel Like Experts
– “One Sneaky Way To Turn Artistic Uninspiration Into A Feature, Rather Than A Bug
– “How To Handle Changing Creative Interests
– “Five Cool Advantages You Get From Being A Failed Writer
– “Three Basic Tips For Adding Mindless Violence To Action Comics And Stories
– “Three Ways To Come Up With Addictive Stories And Comics That You Can’t Stop Writing
– “Two Basic Ways To Make “Boring” Genres Interesting
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Writing Stories Within Stories
– “Five Ways To Get Artistic Inspiration From Music
– “Why Freedom Of Worldview Matters – A Ramble
– “My Thoughts About Colouring Books For Adults (And 14 Lineart Pictures To Colour)
– “The Joy Of… “Mary Sue” Characters
– “The Nature Of Inspiration
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Christmas-Themed Horror Stories
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Short Stories Based On Longer Stories
– “Fiction And Art As A Record
– “Three Thoughts About Telling Stories in Genres You Don’t Know
– “The Joy Of… Cynicism (As A Source Of Inspiration)
– “Four Ways To Avoid Making Constant “Improvements” To Your Art Or Your Story
– “Three Thoughts About Making Spiritual Successors
– “Why Artistic Regrets Are Stupid
– “How To Make Up For The Lack Of Interactive Exploration In Comics And Prose Fiction
– “Three Geeky Ways To Get Artistic Inspiration (From Playing Computer Games)
– “Some Thoughts About Graphic Design (And An Exclusive Fan Art Painting)
– “Three Ways To Deal With Being Scared Or Disturbed By Your Own Horror Story
– “One Cool Art Composition Trick I Learnt Recently
– “How To Add A Story To Your Art Using Connections
– “Four Futuristic Tips For Making 1980s/1990s Style Cyberpunk Art
– “Telling A Story In Your Paintings or Drawings Using Backgrounds (With Examples)
– “Five Cowardly Ways To Censor Your Artwork
– “Four Sneaky Minimalist Art Tricks
– “How I Learnt To Persevere With “Difficult To Make” Works Of Art, By Playing Computer Games
– “What Does It Mean To Be A Painter? A Ramble
– “Some Thoughts About Making “Gritty” Comic Remakes
– “The Joy Of… Album Covers
– “When Your Imagination Contradicts You – A Ramble
– “Two Tips For When You Need To Focus On A New Creative Project (But You’ve Already Got Several Others Too)
– “Four Cool Things That The Horror Genre Can Do That (Most) Other Genres Can’t
– “Four Ways To Add Humour To Interactive Fiction
– “How To Know When You’ve Had An Inspired Story Or Comic Idea
– “Why Are Gamebooks Such An Overlooked Genre?
– “Five Reasons Why Almost All Artists Make Fan Art
– “How To Use Mysterious Locations In Horror Fiction And Comics
– “You Need More Than A Good Concept To Make Good Art
– “Three Skills You’ll Need If You Want To Paint Or Draw With A Limited Palette.
– “Characterisation In Interactive Fiction
– “Artist, Writer… Know Thyself!
– “Why You Need To Use Eccentric Characters When Writing Comedy.
– “How To Plan A Gamebook If You Have A Short Creative Attention Span
– “Hidden Influences On Your Art Style Can Lurk Anywhere!
– “Unravelling The Mysteries Of Art – A Ramble
– “One Quick Feel-Good Way To Get Artistically Inspired
– “Every Artist Constructs Their Artwork In A Slightly Different Way
– “Some Thoughts And Tips About Wordless Storytelling
– “Art, In Theory And In Practice – A Ramble
– “What Advantages Do Manga Art Styles Have?
– “Why All Works Of Art Are (Sort Of Like) Collages.
– “Short Comics And Characterisation
– “Completion, Continuums And Constant Creativity – A Ramble
– “Two Experiences With Beating Writer’s Block In A Webcomic
– “Splatterpunk Ain’t What It Used To Be – A Ramble
– “Three More Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For Three Years
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Making Cyberpunk Art
– “Four Basic Tips For Creative Copying (Of Public Domain Photos)
– “How To Seed Inspiration – A Ramble
– “Failure Happens, Keep Going – A Ramble
– “Some Thoughts About Creative Role Models
– “Some Thoughts About Art Styles And Detail Levels – A Ramble
– “Four Revolutionary Tips For Making Conceptual Art[APRIL FOOL]
– “What A Nightmare Taught Me About Plot Twists In The Horror Genre- A Ramble
-“Your Art Supplies Don’t Make You Any More Or Less Of A “Real” Artist- A Ramble
– “Using Multiple Versions Of The Same Picture To Get Motivated To Make Art- A Ramble
– “Four Reasons To Make “Analogue” Art
– “Character Rotation In Webcomics
– “Making The Art In Your Webcomic Look More Detailed Than It Actually Is – A Ramble
– “How Much Of Yourself Should You Put Into Your Webcomic? – A Ramble
– “What To Do If You Make A Terrible Webcomic Update
– “Thinking Of Your Webcomic Like A Sitcom
– “Three Advantages Of Making Stand-Alone Webcomic Updates
– “Three Tips For Creating Unique Fashion Designs For Your Art
– “Three Very Basic Ways To Salvage A Failed Painting With Digital Editing
– “Five Ideas For “Lazy” Art Projects (That Look Impressive)
– “Three More Ways To Deal With Unenthusiastic Times (If You’re An Artist, Writer And/Or Comic Maker)
– “Four Tips For Making A Comic In Just Two Days
– “Why Is The Fear Of The Unknown So Important In The Horror Genre?
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Writing Sherlock Holmes Parody Stories
– “One Subtle Way To Give Your Characters More Depth
– “Three Ways To Add Some “Special Features” To Your Webcomic (Plus an exclusive unfinished “Damania Returns” comic!)
– “Four Reasons To Make A Webcomic Mini Series
– “Four Quick Sources Of Inspiration For Daily Webcomic Updates
– “Three Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day With Your Webcomic
– “Five Very Quick Tips For Writing Sci-Fi Comedy
– “Three Ways To Spoiler-Proof Your Story Or Comic
– “Why You Shouldn’t Get Jealous Of The Ways That Other Artists Make Their Art
-“Why Do Webcomics Often Get Political ?
– “How To Create A Corkboard Effect In Your Art Using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
– “Adding Some Action To Your Art – A Ramble (With An Art Preview too)
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Developing Your Own Art Style
– “Should Your Webcomic Have A Theme?
– “Four Very Basic Ways To Deal With Comics Burnout
– “Four Ways To Make Sure People Actually Read Your Book After They’ve Bought It
– “Four Quick Ways To Come Up With Titles For Your Webcomic Updates
– “Why Your Webcomic Should Have Rules (With Four Examples)
– “Four Ways To Start A Long-Running Webcomic
– “Why You Should Make Art When You’re Feeling Uninspired
– “Four Sneaky Ways To Make “Talking Head” Webcomics Look More Interesting
– “How To Turn Stock Webcomic Characters Into Something More Interesting
– “The Joy Of… Space Zombies
– “One Easy Way To Make Your Characters’ Political Opinions More Realistic
– “Four Classic Ways To Bring A Character Back From The Dead
– “How To Take Inspiration From Other Things (Without Plagiarising Them)
– “How To Deal With Unconscious Inspiration (Plus An Art Preview)
– “Three Things About Making Good Sequels That I Learnt From A Terrible Computer Game
– “Finding Your Main Inspirations – A Ramble
– “Four Tips For Making Art (That Looks Like The Awesome Type Of Art You’ve Just Found Online)
– “Four Ways To Make Horror Funny
– “Four More Quick Sources Of Inspiration For Webcomic Updates
– “Three Things To Do When You See Better Art Than You Can (Currently) Make
– “What’s So Great About Webcomics?
– “How To Use Art Instruction Books
– “How To Give Your Audience That “Instantly At Home” Feeling
– “Five Retro-Futuristic Ways To Turn Your Photos, Memories And/Or Observations Into Cyberpunk Art
– “Which Decade Does Your Art Style Come From? – A Ramble
– “Four Ways To Handle Uninspiration-Based Webcomic Hiatuses (If You Make Webcomics)
– “Four Ways To Avoid Webcomic Jealousy
– “Four Reasons Why Some Webcomics Are “Non-Canonical
– “How To Invent New Genres
– “Three Important Things To Remember When Adding Diaries To Your Comics Or Fiction
– “The Joy Of… New Things In Old Styles
– “Sensory Overload In Cyberpunk Art- A Ramble (With An Art Preview)
– “Musical Subcultures, Belonging And Art – A Ramble
– “Fandom As Continuing A Tradition – A Ramble
– “The Joy Of… Old Newspaper Cartoons
– “Clever Artistic Trickery In Old Horror Comics- A Ramble
– “Four Things To Do If You’ve Missed The Heyday Of An Interesting Genre
– “Why Regular Webcomics Don’t Often Include Innovative Designs – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Deal With Making Pessimistic Webcomic Updates
– “Can Knowing Less Make You More Inspired?
– “Four Ways To Find Creative Projects That “Almost Make Themselves
– “Three Advantages To Setting Your Zombie Story Or Comic In Britain
– “One Easy Way To Make Webcomic Story Arcs More Accessible To New Readers
– “Three Things To Consider When Deciding How Topical Your Webcomic Should Be
– “What Does Artistic And/Or Literary Inspiration Have In Common With Computer Game “Modding”?
– “Should Your Comic Characters Age In Real Time?
– “Why Are There So Many Webcomics About Computer and Video Games?
– “Four Ways To Get Motivated To Make Comics (And Stay Motivated!)
– “Three Basic Tips For Creating A “Realistic” Setting For Your Webcomic
– “Four Reasons Why Cyberpunk Art Is Really Fun To Make
– “Inspiration Is A Compromise- A Ramble
– “Finding A Main Cast For Your Long-Running Webcomic
– “Four Basic Ways To Find A Name For Your Webcomic Series
– “How Many Panels Should Your Webcomic Updates Have?
– “Three Basic Tricks For Adding More Varied Art To Your Webcomic
– “Why Gutter Colours In Comics Matter More Than You Might Think
– “One Quick Way To Banish Writer’s Block If You’re Making A Webcomic
– “Lettering In Webcomics – Handwritten Or Digital?
– “Four Reasons Why Self-Portraits Are Better Than ‘Selfies’
– “Three Cool Painting And/Or Drawing Techinques That I’ve Learnt Recently
– “One Way To Draw Backgrounds Through Rain-Covered Windows
– “How Often Should You Update Your Webcomic ?
– “Three Very Basic Ways To Use Nostalgia For Inspiration In Webcomics
– “Should Your Webcomic Include A Group Of Recurring Main Characters ?
– “Three Causes of Crappy Webcomic Updates (And How To Deal With Them)
– “Knowing When To Abandon A Comic- A Ramble
– “Finding The Emotional Tone Of Your Webcomic – A Ramble
– “Five Ways To Make Your “Newspaper Comic”-style Webcomic Instantly Accessible To New Readers
– “The Three Basic Types Of Webcomic Panels (And How To Use Them)
– “For Hilarious Punchlines In Your Webcomic, Just Know Your Characters
– “Three Benefits Of Making Seasonal Webcomic Updates
– “Cyberpunk Colour Schemes – A Ramble
– “‘Similar’ Art Mediums Can Be More Different Than You Think – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Deal With The Feeling Of Loss After Finishing A Highly Inspired Creative Project
– “Three Basic Tips For Adding Sub-Plots To Your “Newspaper Comic”-Style Webcomic
– “Three Quick Tips For Making Story Arcs For “Newspaper Comic”-Style Webcomics
– “Four Fiendish Tips For Writing Dark Comedy In Webcomics (Plus, A Comic Preview)
– “Three Quick Tips For Adding Funny Sci-Fi Comedy To Your Webcomic
– “Three Ways To Make Your Art Look More Like What You Actually Imagine It Will Look Like
– “Three Strange Tips For Improving Your Backgrounds If You Paint Or Draw From Imagination
– “Four Logical Reasons Why Other People Seem To Like Our “Failed” Paintings (Or Drawings)
– “Three Ways To Deal With The Creative Project Ideas That Refuse To Be Made (Yet Continue To Haunt You)
– “Three Practical Reasons Why Creativity-Based New Year’s Resolutions Are A Very Bad Idea (And What To Do Instead)
– “Making A Landscape Painting Using A Mouse And MS Paint 5.1 … Can It Be Done?
– “Salvaging A Painting With Digital Editing (Plus, An Art Preview)
– “Four Downsides To Making Webcomics That You Might Not Know About (If You Haven’t Started A Webcomic Yet)
– “Four Awesome Ways To Fail Properly At A Creative Project
– “Three Inspiring Things To Remember When You’re Having A Totally Uninspired Day
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Making Heavy Metal Art
– “Four Reasons Why Tenebrism Is One Of The Coolest Types Of Art ( Both To Make And To Look At)
– “Three Ways To Use The Backgrounds Of Your Webcomic To Stay Motivated
– “Three Tips For Fine Tuning A Comic Idea
– “Three Possible Reasons For Emotional Tone Shifts In Comics (Plus, A Comic Preview)
– “The Five Stages of Making A Webcomic Update (Plus, A Comic Preview)
– “Four Reasons Why The Noir Genre Is So Interesting For Artists
– “Three Tips For Dealing With Moments Of Low Enthusiasm When Making Webcomics
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Compact Storytelling In Comics
– “Three Reasons Why Webcomics, TV shows etc.. Can Go From Self-Contained “Episodes” To Longer Stories
– “Four Freaky Tips For Addding 1980s/90s-Style Comedy Horror To Comics
– “Three Tips For Making Art That Looks Like It Was Made In The ’90s
– “Three More Tips For Remaking Your Old Art (Plus Two Art Previews)
– “How To Recognise And Use Cool-Looking Colour Palettes In Your Art
– “Three Easy Sources Of Artistic Inspiration
– “Five Tips For Creating Realistic Dream Scenes In Comics, Stories etc..
– “Three Simple Ways To Chart Your Artistic Progress – Past And Future.
– “Three Simple Ways To Improve A Comic/ Webcomic Plan
– “Three Ways To Deal With Production Troubles In Webcomics
– “Three Instant Sources Of Webcomic Story Arcs (Plus, Comic Previews)
– “Five Basic Things To Remember Before You Use Watercolour Pencils For The First Time
– “One Sneaky Way To Include Plot Twists In Your Comic Or Webcomic (Using Verticality)
– “Four Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For Four Years
– “Two Very Basic Ways To Give Your Webcomic A Consistent Look (Without Being Boring)
– “Three Ways To Deal With The Downsides Of Getting Better At Making Webcomics
– “Three Causes Of Weak Endings In Comics, Webcomics etc…
– “Four Important Things To Remember Before You Start Your First Webcomic
– “What Does The Expression “Kill Your Darlings” Mean ? (Plus, An Exclusive “Deleted Scene” From One Of My Short Stories!)
– “Four Reasons Why Stories, Comics, Films Etc… Can Have Alternate Endings. (Plus, An Alternate Ending To One Of My Short Stories 🙂 )
– “Four Quick Tips For Writing Fast
– “How To Take Inspiration From Other Things (Whilst Writing Fiction)
– “Four Quick Tips For Writing Very Short Horror Stories
– “Four Basic Ways To Recycle A Webcomic Story Arc
– “Three Ways To Know When To Finish A Comic Or Story Project
– “Three Ways To Find Your Own Aesthetic
– “Three Ways To Blend Different Genres Of Art
– “Three Things You Can Learn From Failed Comic Plans
– “Four Basic Ways To Give Your Webcomic A Visual Upgrade
– “Four Reasons Why Artists Don’t Always List Their Inspirations
– “Four Reasons Why Shorter And/Or Segmented Webcomics Are Awesome To Make
– “Three Sneaky Ways To Cram More Stuff Into A Webcomic Update
– “Four Basic Tips For Making Detective Comedy Comics
– “Three Ways To Make Better “Uninspired” Art
– “Three Basic Ways To Get More Out Of Your Image Editing Program
– “Five Free Sources Of Inspiration For Cyberpunk Artists, Writers etc..
– “Why “Detailed” Art Is Often Less Detailed Than You Might Think
– “Three Ways To Take Artistic Inspiration From Anime And/Or Manga (If You Don’t Use That Drawing Style)
– “Two Ways To Find Your Own “Version” Of The Cyberpunk Genre
– “Three Cool Art Tricks I Learnt From Films, TV And/Or Computer Games
– “Three Ways To Make The Lighting In Your Artwork Look More Interesting
– “Three Advantages Of Hyper-Detailed Art In Webcomics
– “Three Ways To Make Better Filler Episodes For Your (Story-Based) Webcomic
– “Three Ways To Make A Webcomic Update In A Hurry
– “Four Basic Ways To Preview Your Art (or Webcomics)
– “Four Awesome Advantages Of Watching DVDs Whilst Making Art
– “Two Basic Ways To Learn New Artistic Techniques
– “What GCSE ICT Taught Me About Making Art
– “Two Basic Ways To Cover Up A Failed Painting (Or Drawing)
– “How To Change Art Mediums Quickly And Easily
– “Three Fascinating “Time Travel”-Based Art Exercises
– “Four Ways That Making Art Regularly Changes How You See The World
– “Four Basic Ways To Downgrade Your Webcomic (To Stay Inspired)
– “Three Things To Do When You Predict The Future Incorrectly In A Webcomic
– “Three More Tips For Making Art That Looks Like It’s From The ’90s
– “Three Ways To Make Something That Is ‘So Bad That It’s Good’
– “Three Tips For Making Art When You Are Tired
– “Four Tips For Remaking Famous Old Paintings In Your Own Style
– “Four Basic Ways To Create 1990s Style Gothic Horror Art, Comics etc..
– “One Simple Way To Add Depth To Rainfall (Or Snowfall) In Digital Art/ Digitally-Edited Art
– “You Don’t Need A Huge Budget To Make Art
– “Three Reasons Why It’s Important To Be “Well Read” (In Written Or Visual Media) If You Are An Artist, Writer etc…
– “Three Tips For Making Minimalist Art (Or, My Interpretation Of It)
– “Three Tips For Finding Your Own Artistic Interpretation Of ‘Retro’
– “Four Ghoulish Tips For Making 1980s-Inspired Horror Artwork
– “Three More Tips For Making Better Paintings When You’re Extremely Tired
– “Three Random Tips For Writing Cyberpunk Comedy
– “Three Basic Tips For Coming Up With Cyberpunk Stories
– “Three Basic Ways To Connect A Group Of Cyberpunk Short Stories
– “Do You Need To Be Tech-Savvy To Write Cyberpunk Fiction?
– “Four Tips For Writing Cyberpunk Fiction Quickly
– “Three Tips For Writing (Cyberpunk) “Flash Fiction” Stories
– “Three Tips For Including Popular Culture In Your Webcomic
– “Why The Cyberpunk Genre Is A Genre About Creativity Itself (And Why It’s Good For The World)- A Ramble
– “Three Random Tips For Writing A Short Story Collection
– “Four Quick Tips For Never Leaving A Comic Unfinished
– “Nostalgia vs. Memory – A Ramble
– “Making Comics Vs Writing Fiction – What Are The Differences?
– “Three Random Tips For Making Occasional Webcomics
– “Two Very Basic Tips For Dealing With Webcomic Exhaustion
– “Failed Paintings Happen. Here’s What To Do.
– “Three Ways To Make Things That Will Inspire Other People
– “Four Reasons Why Prose Fiction Being “Uncool” Is A Good Thing
– “Three Things That Books Could Learn From DVDs
– “Three Lazy Ways To Include Fight Scenes In Your Webcomic (If You Don’t Usually Include Them)
– “Three Reasons Why Sketches Are More Useful Artistic References Than Photos When Painting From Life
– “Four Ways To De-Mystify Making Art (If You’re An Absolute Beginner)
– “Things That Splatterpunk Fiction Can Teach Writers (Even If They Don’t Write Horror)
– “Three Reasons Why It’s Foolish To Compare Yourself To Other Artists
– “Three Tips For Writing Subtle Horror (That I Learnt From Playing A Computer Game)
– “Two More Things That Artists Can Learn From Playing Computer And Video Games
– “Three Things That (Visual) Artists Can Learn From Heavy Metal Music
– “Three More Things That (Visual) Artists Can Learn From Heavy Metal Music
– “Three Basic Tips For Making Cyberpunk Art (If You’ve Never Made It Before)
– “How To Draw Literally Anything (Using Two Basic Skills)
– “Four Benefits Of The Non-Interactive Nature Of Art, Comics And Prose Fiction
– “Four Things To Remember When Watching Time-Lapse Art Videos (If You’re Learning)
– “Three Things That 1980s-2000s American & Canadian Punk Music Can Teach (Visual) Artists
– “Three Vague Tips For Making Early-Mid ’00s Style Artwork
– “Four Reasons Why Artists Use Limited Palettes
– “Two Things That Remaking Your Old Art Will Show You (Apart From Your Skill Level)”
– “Why “Modern Art” Paintings Aren’t As Easy As They Look – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Rush A Comic Update Well
– “Three Reasons Why The Fictional “Worlds” In Art/Novels/Webcomics etc.. Often Seem To Be Slightly Old
– “Can Creative People Have Rare Works These Days? – A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Making Art Set In Late 1980s/ Early-Mid 1990s America
– “Three Tips For Finding “Hidden” Influences On Your Art Style
– “Three Creative Advantages Of Not Being Totally Up To Date With Current Culture
– “Three Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Keep (And Show Off) Copies Of Your Line Art
– “Two More Ways To Disguise “Talking Head” Webcomic Updates
– “Three Things To Do When You See A Better Webcomic (Than Yours)
– “Three Sneaky Ways To Show Off In Your Art
– “Four Reasons Why Some Creative Works Become Better With Time
-“How To Deal With Self-Critical Uninspiration – A Ramble
– “Some Thoughts About Indirect Influences – A Ramble
– “The “30-50% Black Paint” Rule (And How To Use It)
– “Remember – Inspiration Isn’t Always Instant
– “Three Ways To Make Art In A Genre You Find Difficult”
– “Two Ways To Know Which Comic Update Ideas To Use
– “Implication In The Horror Genre – A Ramble
– “Why It’s Important To Be Open To Artistic Influence – A Ramble
– “Three Reasons Why Combining Two Awesome Things Can Sometimes Be Less Awesome
– “Three Tips For Quick “Formal” Writing”
– “A Perfect Example Of How To Take Inspiration Properly – A Ramble
– “The Importance Of Having Multiple Inspirations – A Ramble
– “Are Futuristic Settings An Essential Part Of The Cyberpunk Genre?
– “Three Basic Things To Do If You Start Running Out Of Inspiration In The Middle Of A Painting
– “Four Reasons Why We Enjoy Things That Are ‘So Bad That They’re Good’
– “Five Free Pirate-themed Creative Inspirations (That Don’t Involve Digital Piracy)
– “Three Tips For Getting To Know An Obscure Genre (If You Want To Make Stuff In It)
– “Three Tips For Taking Inspiration From Other (Web)Comics, Whilst Keeping Your Webcomic Original
– “How To Have More Than One Main Inspiration
– “Why Do Critics Have A Reputation For Being Cynical ? – A Ramble
– “Three Things To Do When You Can’t Think Of An Idea For A Painting (That Feels “Meaningful” Or “Relevant” Enough To Bother With)
– “Three Tips For Finding Artistic Knowledge (That Can’t Be Found Online)
– “Why Your Terrible First Attempt At Writing A “Novel” Is Important (Plus, An Extract From Mine)
– “Why It Is Difficult To Emulate The Past – A Ramble
– “Three Random Tips For Creating Things Set In (mid-late) 1990s Britain
– “Three Tips For Making More Interesting Fan Art
– “One Basic Way To Make Up For The Lack Of Background Music In Art, Comics And Fiction
– “Unlike Fiction And Comics, Art Is Non-Linear (And What This Means If You’re Making It) – A Ramble
– “Two Basic Tips For Making Art That Is Distinctly ‘You’.”
– “Three Basic Tips For Storytelling In Wordless Comics
– “How To Deal WIth Writer’s Block And Artist’s Block Like A Pro – A Ramble
– “Letting Your Imagination Assert Itself – A Ramble
– “Animated Sitcoms And Webcomics Are More Similar Than You Think – A Ramble
– “Nostalgia Is A Different Source Of Artistic Inspiration For Everyone – A Ramble
– “Good Horror Shouldn’t Linger – A Ramble
– “Finding The Right Type Of “Easy” Art To Make When Making Art Feels Difficult
– “What To Do If You Feel Creatively Inspired By Something You Don’t Like
– “Another Cool Thing Computer And Video Games Can Teach Artists
– “Three Quick Ways To Make “Retro” 1980s/90s-Style Art (If You’ve Never Made Retro Art Before)
– “The One Skill That Writing, Art etc.. Courses Don’t Always Teach Directly – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Reduce Or Increase The Emotional Impact Of Fictional Violence
– “Three Quick Reasons Why Cyberpunk Art Is Easier To Make Than You Think
– “Two More Similarities Between Animated Sitcoms And Webcomics
– “Creativity As Variation – A Ramble
– “Three Reasons Why Novelty Art Supplies Are Awesome – A Ramble
– “Why It’s Important For Artists To Be Part Of The Audience Sometimes – A Ramble
– “Five Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For Five Years
– “Three Very Basic Tips For Learning How To Paint Realistic Shadows/Shading
– “Three Other Things That Heavy Metal Music Can Teach Creative People
– “Three %@(£#*$ Stupid Ways To Use Profanity In Fiction, Comics etc..
– “One Constructive Way To Deal With Artistic Jealousy – A Ramble
– “Don’t Let Uninspiration Win! – A Ramble
– “Do Artists Have To Have Cool Life Stories? – A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Adding Your Own “Spin” To A Study Of An Old Painting
– “Three Tips For Making Original Art
– “What Can Old Computer Games Teach Us About Painting And Drawing From Imagination? – A Ramble
– “Four Awesome Things That Artists And Writers Can Learn From The Modern Games Industry [APRIL FOOL]
– “Three Reasons Why Physical Media Is Awesome
– “What “Blade Runner” Can Teach Us About Fictional Violence
– “Why Does Current Art Often Look Slightly ‘Old’? – A Ramble
– “When NOT To Let Your Art Evolve – A Ramble
– “Four Tips For Adding Some 1990s-Style Silliness To Your Story Or Comic
– “Five Things That Two Old TV Shows Can Teach Us About 1990s-Style Storytelling
– “Four Ways To Make Your Audience Feel Like Rebels
– “Why Creative People Should Be Critics Too – A Ramble
– “Making Digital Art With Open-Source Software – A Demonstration
– “Five Reasons Why Artists Should Be Gamers Too
“How Artists Work Out Their ‘Process'”
– “Three Cheap Ways To Make Trendy Types Of Art
– “Two Basic Ways To Use Reference Images When Making Art
– “Making Art Based On Daydreams – A Ramble
– “Three Reasons Why The Monster Genre Is Brilliant
– “What To Do When Unenthusiasm Strikes In The Middle Of A Painting
– “One Surprising Thing FPS Games Can Teach Us About Creativity – A Ramble
– “Three Basic Tips For Coming Up With Good Settings In The Horror Genre
– “Three Random Tips For Informal Creative Research
– “Three Tips For Making Rushed And/Or Uninspired Art Look Better
– “Two Basic Tips To Avoid Making “Bloated” Creative Works
– “Five Reasons Why Fictional Villains Are Such Interesting Characters
– “In Art, Style Matters As Much As (Or More Than) Substance – A Ramble
– “One Thing That The Romance Genre Does Differently To Most Other Genres
– “How To Avoid Your “Inspired By..” Creative Works Turning Into Rip-Offs
– “Art Practice Works! – A Ramble
– “Three Reasons Why Your Short Story Collections Should Include Some Variety
– “Three Things To Do When You Can’t Make A Horror Story Too Gruesome
-“Three Basic Tips For Making “Old Future”-Style Sci-Fi Art
– “Three More Ways To Deal With Failed Paintings (Emotionally)
– “Three Reasons Why Stories Can Have Alternative Endings
– “Three Reasons Why Things In The Horror Genre Can Be Scarier Than You Remember
– “Even More Thoughts About “Obvious” Early Creative Inspirations – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Stop Your Readers Feeling “Out Of Their Depth
– “Why Inspiration Works In “Strange” Ways
– “Three Basic Ways To Disguise “Lazy” Art
– “Four Things I Learnt About Art and Storytelling From Watching Films From The 1990s
– “Why Creative Works Don’t Always Have To Make Sense – A Ramble
– “One Basic Way To Get The Size Of Everything In Your Drawing Or Painting Right
– “When A Story Fails At The Last Minute – A Ramble
– “Three Basic Reasons Why Nostalgia Turns Up In Creative Works A Lot
– “When A Short Story Turns Out Badly – A Ramble
– “Three Things To Do If You Worry That Your Art Is Getting Worse
– “When Your Art Style Gets In The Way – A Ramble
– “One Benefit Of Creative Limitations
– “When Nostalgia Isn’t Defined – A Ramble
– “Simplification And Storytelling – A Ramble
– “Two More Quick Tips For Making Monochrome Art
– “Make Your Filler Comics Fun (To Make) – A Ramble
– “Two Quick Tips For When Your Artistic Enthusiasm Runs Low
– “Here’s Another Thing Computer And Video Games Can Teach Writers And Artists
– “Three Tips For How To Look For Inspiration
– “How Much Do You Have To Explain About Your Fictional ‘World’ If You Want A Re-Readable Story?
– “Three Quick Tips For How To Fake “Film Noir”-Style Narration
– “Three Reasons Why Fan Works Can Sometimes Be Better Than Their “Official” Counterparts
– “Four Rambling Thoughts About Making ‘Film Noir’-Style Art
– “Two Very Basic Tips For Writing ‘Film Noir’ Comedy
– “When To Wait For Inspiration (And When Not To) – A Ramble
– “Two Tips For Binge Creativity (eg: Binge Writing, Comic Binges etc..)
– “Three Cool Benefits Of Reading More In The Past Than You Do Now
– “Four Tips For Finding Creative Inspirations On A Low Budget
– “Four Reasons Why Things From The 1990s Can Seem More Creative
– “Three Technical Tips For Painting From Memory
– “Three Stress- Reduction Tips For Making Comics And/Or Webcomics”
– “Why “Less Is More” Applies To Blood In Horror Comics – A Ramble
– “Time Travel And Art Mediums- A Ramble
– “Are Games Art? – A Ramble
– “The Joy Of … The ‘Hedonism’ Genre
– “Three Things An Old Computer Game Can Teach Us About How To Add Some Heavy Metal To The Fantasy Genre
– “Three Unusual Things To Do If You Write Yourself Into A Corner
– “Single-Location Comedy – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Deal With Comparing Your Own Creative Works To ‘Great Works’
– “Making Art – Do The ‘Graphics’ Matter? – A Ramble
– “Using Fake Anachronisms In Historical Art And Fiction – A Ramble
– “Creativity, Subcultures And Fandoms – A Ramble
– “Four Reasons Why Creating Stuff With Older And/Or Low-Tech Tools Is Awesome
– “Want More Originality? Try Some Emotional Variation – A Ramble
– “What Can Games Teach Writers About Challenging Their Audience? – A Ramble
– “What An Old Novel Taught Me About Writing Thrilling Dialogue
– “What Tribute Bands Can Teach Us About Fan Art- A Ramble
– “Is There An Artistic Equivalent Of A “Live Version” Of A Song? – A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Remaking Your Old Webcomic Updates
– “Three Tips For Bringing Old Genres Up To Date
– “Three Random Tips For Modern 1970s-Style Storytelling
– “Four Tips For Getting Back Into Reading Regularly
– “The Library Of The Imagination – A Ramble
– “Why You Should Create Your Own Fictional Universe When Making Comics – A Ramble
– “How Subtle Should Dark Comedy Be? – A Ramble
– “What Can Novel Cover Art Teach Us About Making Art?
– “Don’t Show Your Audience Everything – A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Basing Lots Of Stories Around A Single Theme
– “What Books Can Do That Other Entertainment Mediums Can’t – A Ramble
– “One Quick Tip For Writing Ultra-Gripping Action Scenes In Thriller Stories
– “Three Shocking Tips For Writing 1980s-Style Splatterpunk Horror Fiction
– “Three Tips For Making Webcomics When You’ve Got Less Time
– “Three Differences Between Thriller Fiction And Horror Fiction
– “How Straightforward Should Your Narration Be?
– “Two Basic Tips For Using Digital Lighting Effects In “GIMP” (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
– “Three Silly Tips For Writing ‘Creature Feature’ Horror Stories
– “Three Tips For Writing 1990s-Style Cyberpunk Fiction
– “Four Tips For Writing Daily Short Stories
– “Why Traditional Art Skills Still Matter – A Ramble
– “Two Basic Tips For Adding Some Nostalgia To Your Stories
– “Three Tips For Building A “Buffer” Of Stories, Comics, Articles etc.. To Post Online (If You’ve Already Started Posting Stuff)
– “Two Sneaky Ways To Be An Inspired Artist Again
– “Two Better Alternatives To Writing Fan Fiction
– “Four Random Tips For Writing Stories Set In 1990s America
– “Three Clever Hidden Tricks That Writers Use
– “Four Better Alternatives To Rotating First-Person Narration
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Vampire Stories
– “Five Things I’ve Learnt From Getting Back Into Reading Regularly
– “Three More Tips For Reading More This Year
– “Three Sneaky Tricks For Making Rushed Webcomic Updates Look Good
– “Two Quick Tips For Adding Symbolism To Realistic Photo-Based Art
– “Narrative Styles And Emotional Tone – A Ramble
– “Using Connections To Beat Writer’s Block- A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Finding Topics For Short Stories
– “Three Things To Do When You Can’t Write In Your Favourite Genres
– “Two Basic Tips For Making Drawings And/Or Paintings Based On Your Photos
– “Three Tips For Writing 1980s-Style Horror Fiction
– “Three Tips For Choosing Good Photos (That You’ve Taken) To Make Paintings Of
– “Three Random Tips For Writing Comedy Horror
– “Four Reasons Why 1970s/80s Horror Fiction Is So Cool
– “Three Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Film And TV
– “When Does Cover Art Really Matter?
– “Two Terrifying Tips For Writing Extreme Horror Fiction
– “Four Thoughts About When (And How) To Abandon A Book You’re Reading
– “Three Random (But Realistic) Tips For Writing 1990s-Style Fiction
– “Three Random Tips For Creating Satirical Comics
– “Two Ways To Save Time Whilst Making Art
– “Two Basic Differences Between Modern And Older Novels
– “Two Basic Things To Do When A Creative Project Fails
– “Two Ways To Make Greyscale Drawings/Paintings Based On Your Colour Photos
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Book Reviews
– “The Joy Of….”Middle Brow” Fiction
– “One Quick Way To Rekindle Enthusiasm For Your Story
– “Two Practical Reasons Why English Lit Lessons/Lectures Are Important
– “Six Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For Six Years
– “Three Tips For Writing Reassuring Horror Fiction
– “Three Thoughts About Novelisations And Spin-Off Novels
– “Three Tips For Finding Your Own “Style” Of Horror Fiction
– “How To Know Which Details To Include In Photo-Based Paintings/Drawings
– “Using Banality In Dystopian Fiction
– “Three Sneaky Ways To Reduce Reader Frustration
– “Two Reasons Why Writers Include Metafiction In Their Stories
– “Three Reasons Why ‘Low Fantasy’ Is Better Than ‘High Fantasy’
– “How To Find “New” Art Techniques – A Ramble
– “Three Achingly Hip (And On-Trend) Tips For Writing A Modern Novel[APRIL FOOL]
– “Three Reasons Why Writers Should Watch Game Design Videos
– “Storytelling In Books vs Storytelling On TV – A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Making Your Zombie Story Stand Out From The Crowd
– “Writing: Creativity Via Limitations – A Ramble
– “Three Tips For Finding A Short Story Idea
– “Four Reasons Why Novels Are More Punk Than You Might Think
– “Three Ways That Writers Make Stories Faster Or Slower To Read
– “Two Ways To Spruce Up A Familiar Story
– “Three Reasons Why Books Don’t Get Remakes
– “Working Out What To Show The Audience – A Ramble
– “Obscurity And The Written Word – A Ramble
– “Three Thoughts About Writing Fiction Set In The Mid-2000s
– “Three Tips For Coming Up With Realistic Fictional Videogames For Your Story
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Gruesome Horror Fiction
– “Three Things Artists Can Learn From Old Survival Horror Videogames
– “Three Reasons Why You Should Abandon A Novel You Don’t Enjoy Reading
– “One Basic Tip For Taking Dramatic Reference Photos In Bright Weather
– “Three Basic Tips For Making ‘Silly’ Stories Compelling
– “Two Basic Tips For When A Genre Won’t Work In Your Chosen Medium
– “Three Reasons Why Reading Regularly Is Important If You’re A Writer
– “Four Wild Tips For Writing Hedonistic Stories
– “Three Tips For Keeping Up Your Reading During Hot Weather
– “Three Things That Novels Can Learn From Computer Games
– “Three Thoughts About Film Theory And Writing Fiction
– “Finding The Right Writing Style For Your Story – A Ramble
– ” ‘Books – A Comic’ By C. A. Brown” (Comic)
– “Three Reasons Why Authors Write Books That Are ‘Difficult To Read’
– “Three Things To Do When You Worry That Your Short Story Is ‘Badly Written’
– “Good Stories Always Have ‘Deleted Scenes’ – A Ramble
– “Three Basic Tips For Making Your Thriller Story More Gripping
– “Three Thoughts About How To Use Multiple Story Threads
– “How To Use Misdirection In The Horror Genre – A Ramble
– “Three More Tips About When To Abandon A Short Story Project
– “One Clever Way To Make Minimalist Art Interesting (With An Example)
– “Three Tips For Writing Bleak Fiction (That People Will Actually Want To Read)
– “Three Beginners’ Tips For Writing Heavy Metal-Themed Stories
– “Awesome Art Can Lurk In Unlikely Places – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Make Familiar Horror Monsters Scarier
– “One Essential, But Overlooked, Element Of Fantasy Fiction – A Ramble
– “Four Reasons To Read Books By Lots Of Different Authors
– “The One Time You Should Avoid Writing Advice – A Ramble
– “Three Random Tips For Making Your Zombie Story Stand Out From The Crowd
– “Three Thoughts About Writing Short Fantasy Fiction
– “Three Benefits And Downsides Of Reading A Lot
– “One Way To Improve The Filler Comics In Your Webcomic
– “Three More Thoughts About How To Make Zombie Stories Scary
– “Three Lessons Writers Can Learn From 1980s Horror Fiction
– “Three Awesome Reasons Why Books Are Rebellious
– “When Is It Ok To ‘Break The Rules’ In Your Writing?
– “Small Recaps Are Useful For Your Readers! Use Them! – A Ramble
– “Three Possible Reasons Why ‘Shock Value’ Was A Major Part Of British Horror Fiction During The 1980s
– “Three Basic Ways To Make Your Horror Story More Or Less Scary
– “Three Reasons Why Modern Creative Works Use Nostalgic Elements
– “Three Reasons Why Horror And Comedy Go Well Together
– “Three Reasons Why Paperback Books Are Awesome
– “Three Differences Between 2010s and 1980s Horror Fiction
– “Should You Use First Or Third Person Perspective Narration In Your Story?
– “Three Possible Reasons Why Paperback Cover Art Was Better In The 1980s
– “Three Basic Tips For Including Character Backstories In Your Story
– “Three Basic Tips For Writing Epic Large-Scale Battle Scenes
– “Three More Reasons Why Reading Is Better Than Gaming
– “Three Quick Tips For Adding Dark Comedy To Horror Stories
– “Why Your Horror Story Needs To Include Moments Of Wonder
– “Four Advantages That Horror Film/Game Novelisations Have Over The Source Material
– “Three Basic Tips For Adding Horror Elements To Other Genres Of Fiction
– “Is Horror Fiction About Perspective?
– “Three Reasons Why Horror Writers Shouldn’t Just Read Horror Fiction
– “Three Thoughts About Re-Reading Novels
– “Three Ways To Survive A Horror Publishing Drought
– “Three Tips For Making Your Horror Stories Re-Readable
– “Three Innovative Scares To Use In Your Horror Story
– “Why First Novels Aren’t Publishable – A Ramble
– “How Formal Should The Narration In Your Horror Story Be?
– “Horror Movies Vs. Horror Novels – A Ramble
– “Three Reasons Why The Zombie Genre Is So Appealing
– “Does Writing Style Matter More Than Plot?
– “Three Things To Do When You Can’t Use Your Favourite Writing Style
– “Imperfect Technology Is An Important Part Of The Cyberpunk Genre – A Ramble
– “Two Very Basic Tips For Reading A ‘Difficult’ Book
– “Four Reasons Why Spin-Off Novels Are So Awesome
– “When To Use Alternating Chapters In Your Story
– “Two Tips For Writing Stories That Can Compete With The Internet, Games, Phones etc…
– “Why Writers Need To Read Multiple Genres Of Fiction
– “Three Ways To Make Your Story More Readable
– “What Can A Computer Game Teach Us About Writing Horror Fiction That Focuses On One Type Of Horror?
– “Three Reasons Why 1980s British Horror Fiction Was So Shocking
– “Is Simplification A Good Thing In Storytelling? – A Ramble
– “Old Fiction Vs Historical Fiction
– “Shock Value And Storytelling Mediums – A Ramble
– “Three Reasons Why Authors Write Book Series
– “One Strange Reason Why Your Novel Might Feel Lifeless
– “Why Good Horror Novels Include Comedy
– “Using Contrast To Improve Your Story
– “Why Are Thriller Novels So Long?
– “How Scale Progression Makes Thriller Stories Gripping
– “Why Humour Is Important In Every Genre Of Story
– “Three Game Design Techniques That Writers Can Use
– “Why Movie Novelisations Exist
– “Artistic Inspiration And Focus – A Ramble
– “Three Things To Do If Your Story Gets Stuck On A Mini-Cliffhanger
– “Four Things Writers Can Learn From 1980s Shaun Hutson Novels
– “Three Things That Writers Can Learn From 1980s Clive Barker Novels
– “Four Reasons To Read Older Novels
– “Three Tips For Choosing A Book To Read Next
– “Four Tips For Adding Pop Culture References To Your Story
– “Four Thoughts About Writing Modern Noir Fiction
– “How To Use Signposting To Make Your Story Less Confusing
– “Why Dismissing The Past Is Bad For Creativity- A Ramble
– “Four More Tips For Making Your Thriller Story More Gripping
– “Using Themes And Focus To Innovate In Genre Fiction – A Ramble
– “Should Writers Take Influence From Films?
– “Three More Reasons Why Reading Regularly Is Important For Writers
– “Three Sneaky Hacks For Writing A Novel If You’re A Short Story Writer
– “Three Tips For Writing Victorian-Style Narration
– “Why Knowing Your Chosen Genre Results In Better Stories – A Ramble
– “How To Mix First And Third Person Perspective Narration”
– “When Should You Reference Your Previous Stories?
– “Three Reasons To Use A Formal Writing Style In Your Story
– “Three Reasons Why Horror Stories Are Set In The Past
– “Four Reasons Why Horror Novels Are Similar To Heavy Metal Music
– “Good Action Sequences In Thriller Novels Are Like Puzzles – A Ramble
– “Why Difficult Computer Games Are Good For Your Creativity
– “Three Rambling And Rose-Tinted Tips For Adding Early-Mid 2000s Nostalgia To Your Art Or Story
– “Four More Reasons To Read Older Novels
– “Four Sneaky Tricks That Thriller Authors Use To Make Their Stories More Gripping
– “Three Reasons Why Gruesome Horror Fiction Isn’t Scary
– “Three Tips For Blending The Horror And Thriller Genres
– “Three Cool Things That Only Novels Can Do
– “Do Thriller Novels Have To Be Fast-Paced? – A Ramble
– “Three Random Tips For Getting Into Reading Novels
– “Three Thoughts About Writing Sequels
– “Why Making ‘Tech Demo’ Paintings Can Make You Feel Inspired Again – A Ramble
– “Three Thoughts About ‘Life Story’-Style First-Person Narration
– “Three Quick Thoughts About How Long A Novel Takes To Read
– “Why Sanitised Violence Ruins The Thriller Genre – A Ramble
– “Three Ways To Make Vampires Scary
– “Five Tips For Painting Realistic Landscapes In MS Paint 5.1
– “Three Totally Rad RGB-lit Tips For Reading Novels At ’90 FPS’[APRIL FOOL]
– “How Important Are Novel Titles?
– “How To Wait For Creative Inspiration
– “Three Thoughts About Writing Sci-Fi Horror
– “Three Tips For Building Up A “To Read” Pile That You’ll Actually Read
– “Four Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For Seven Years
– “Two Thoughts About What Makes A Novel ‘So Bad That It’s Good’
– “Do Plot Spoilers Really Matter? – A Ramble
– “Three Paradoxes Of Creativity
– “Three Reasons To Mix Physical And Digital Tools When Making Art
– “Three Reasons Why Older Creative Works Sometimes Aren’t Always As Good As You Remember
– “Three Differences Between 1980s And 1990s Horror Fiction
– “Why Are Novels “Edgier” Than Film Or TV?
– “Three Reasons To Mix Genres
– “Three Tips For Reading Longer Novels
– “Three Thoughts About Making Paintings Based On Dreams
– “How To Make An Inspired Series Of Paintings
– “Three Thoughts About Writing Villain Characters
– “Should You Focus On Internal Or External Conflict In Your Novel?
– “Reading Quickly Vs. Reading Slowly
– “How To Create A CRT Television Effect (Using Open-Source Software)
– “In Defence Of Slow Pacing In Novels And Films
– “Four Reasons Why People Enjoy “High-Brow” Creative Works
– “Some Very Basic Tips For Making Monochrome Art
– “Three Things Horror Movies Can Teach Us About Writing Gruesome Horror Fiction (That Is Actually Scary)
– “Four Tips For Making Art Using MS Paint 5.1
– “Three Thoughts About Taking A Break From Reading Novels
-“Three Things Horror Writers Can Learn From A Horror Game
– “Three Ways To Learn New Image Editing Techniques
– “Why Worldbuilding Matters More Than Story
– “Art Set In The Early-Mid 2000s: A Visual Guide
– “The Stages Of Making A Painting (GIF, Static Image and Plain Text versions)

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